Danish Amber

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Danish Amber
Age (Ma)
Start: 40
End: 37
System/Period: Paleogene
Series/Epoch: Eocene
Stage/Age: Bartonian
Country: Denmark
Genera: 21
Species: 31

Scandinavian amber is though to be similar in age to Baltic, Bitterfeld and Rovno ambers, being approximately late Eocene in age. The four amber faunas have been shown to share 17 ant species in common, which make up over 80% of the specimens in amber collections studied for a 2009 paper. Though a large portion of specimens from Scandinavian amber are of species found in the other ambers, the overall fauna found is notably different from the other three.

Genera known from Danish-Scandinavian amber

Species known from Danish-Scandinavian amber


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