Sumatran Amber

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Sumatran Amber
Age (Ma)
Start: 25
End: 15
System/Period: Neogene
Series/Epoch: Miocene
Location: Sinamar (probably), Dharmasraya Regency, West Sumatra
Country: Indonesia
Coordinates: 1.4°N, 99.6°E
Genera: 1
Species: 1

Sumatran amber comes from Telisa (lower-mid Miocene, possibly upper Oligocene at its base), Lower Palembang (mid-Miocene), and Middle Palembang (upper Miocene) Formations. Because the provenance of the pieces are uncertain, their stratigraphic position is unknown (FossilWorks).

This amber is a byproduct of coal mining, and different ages ranging from Eocene to Pliocene have been recorded for these coal mines (Belkin & Tewalt 2007; Bak et al. 2016). Previous reports of Sumatran amber, although from different localities, suggested an early Miocene age and a dipterocarp tree source (Durham 1956; Langenheim & Beck 1965; Brackman et al. 1984; Lambert et al. 1999, 2013).

Genera known from Sumatran amber

No genera are unique to this formation.

Species known from Sumatran amber

Location of Formation