Sicilian Amber

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Sicilian amber
Age (Ma)
Start: 11.6
End: 5.3
System/Period: Neogene
Series/Epoch: Miocene
Stage/Age: Priabonian
Country: Italy
Coordinates: 37°24′N 15°06′E / 37.4°N 15.1°E / 37.4; 15.1
Paleocoordinates: 37.1° N, 14.8° E
Genera: 13
Species: 14

Some propose an Oligocene age (Radchenko & Dlussky, 2019), or Upper Miocene to perhaps Pliocene, while Perrichot et al. (2019) says of unknown age between late Eocene and middle Miocene, see Ragazzi & Roghi, 2014. Found in place in Upper Miocene to Lower Pliocene sediments of central Sicily (Kohring & Schluter, 1989).

Genera known from Sicilian amber

Species known from Sicilian amber

Location of Formation