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Inquilines are permanent parasites of other ants, but without slavery. They depend on workers of other ant species for their development and growth.

Workers in inquilines species can be present or absent. In workerless inquilines, queens are entirely dependent on their hosts for food and their eggs are cared for and raised to maturity by the host workers.

The biology of Tetramorium inquilinum provides natural history information about one representative workerless inquiline ant.

Known Inquilines

Temporary Parasite Host Locality Source Notes
Acromyrmex ameliae Acromyrmex subterraneus
Acromyrmex ameliae Acromyrmex subterraneus brunneus
Acromyrmex charruanus Acromyrmex heyeri
Camponotus ruseni Camponotus aethiops Karaman, 2012
Camponotus universitatis Camponotus aethiops Tinaut et al., 1992
Camponotus universitatis Camponotus pilicornis Tinaut et al., 1992
Ectatomma parasiticum Ectatomma tuberculatum
Myrmica colax Myrmica striolagaster
Myrmica ereptrix Myrmica aimonissabaudiae
Myrmica latra Myrmica aimonissabaudiae
Myrmica nefaria Myrmica rupestris
Polyrhachis lama Diacamma sp.

Known Workerless Inquilines

Temporary Parasite Host Locality Source Notes
Acromyrmex fowleri Acromyrmex rugosus
Formica talbotae Formica obscuripes
Leptothorax faberi Leptothorax
Leptothorax goesswaldi Leptothorax acervorum
Leptothorax kutteri Leptothorax acervorum
Leptothorax wilsoni Leptothorax
Monomorium inquilinum Monomorium cyaneum
Monomorium pergandei Monomorium minimum
Monomorium talbotae Monomorium minimum
Mycocepurus castrator Mycocepurus goeldii
Myrmica alaskensis Myrmica lampra
Myrmica alaskensis Myrmica quebecensis
Myrmica kabylica Myrmica cagnianti
Myrmica karavajevi Myrmica gallienii
Myrmica karavajevi Myrmica lonae
Myrmica karavajevi Myrmica rugulosa
Myrmica karavajevi Myrmica sabuleti
Myrmica karavajevi Myrmica scabrinodis
Myrmica lampra Myrmica alaskensis
Myrmica laurae Myrmica sabuleti identification needs confirmation
Myrmica laurae Myrmica scabrinodis
Myrmica lemasnei Myrmica sabuleti
Myrmica myrmicoxena Myrmica lobulicornis
Myrmica quebecensis Myrmica alaskensis
Pheidole elecebra Pheidole ceres
Plagiolepis ampeloni Plagiolepis pallescens
Plagiolepis delaugerrei Plagiolepis pallescens Corsica, France Casevitz-Weulersse, 2014
Plagiolepis grassei Plagiolepis pygmaea
Plagiolepis xene Plagiolepis pygmaea
Pogonomyrmex anergismus Pogonomyrmex barbatus
Pogonomyrmex anergismus Pogonomyrmex rugosus
Pogonomyrmex colei Pogonomyrmex rugosus
Pseudoatta argentina Acromyrmex balzani
Pseudoatta argentina Acromyrmex heyeri
Pseudoatta argentina Acromyrmex lundii
Pseudomyrmex inquilinus Pseudomyrmex ''Pseudomyrmex'' species PSW-64
Pseudomyrmex leptosus Pseudomyrmex ejectus Ward, 1985; Klein, 1987
Strumigenys xenos Strumigenys perplexa
Temnothorax brunneus Leptothorax Morocco Cagniant, 1985 ''Leptothorax'' cf. ''marocanus''
Temnothorax corsicus Temnothorax exilis
Temnothorax minutissimus Temnothorax curvispinosus
Tetramorium atratulum Tetramorium caespitum
Tetramorium atratulum Tetramorium chefketi Lapeva-Gjonova et al., 2012
Tetramorium atratulum Tetramorium impurum
Tetramorium atratulum Tetramorium moravicum Lapeva-Gjonova et al., 2012
Tetramorium inquilinum Tetramorium caespitum
Tetramorium inquilinum Tetramorium impurum
Vollenhovia nipponica Vollenhovia emeryi Japan Kinomura, 1992