Taxa Described in 2002

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The following 38 genera were described in 2002 (see all years)

Taxon Name Subfamily Tribe Author Type Species Fossil Fossil Age Species Count Notes
Brachytarsites Myrmicinae Hong Brachytarsites dongzhouheensis Yes 1
Clavipetiola Myrmicinae Hong Clavipetiola asiatica Yes 1
Curticorna Uncertain Hong Curticorna leptogastrosa Yes 1
Curtipalpulus Formicinae Hong Curtipalpulus eocenicus Yes 1
Eoaenictites Uncertain Hong Eoaenictites castanifurvus Yes 1
Eogorgites Ponerinae Hong Eogorgites cingulatus Yes 1
Eoleptocerites Formicinae Hong Eoleptocerites chinensis Yes 2
Eoponerites Ponerinae Hong Eoponerites longipetiolatus Yes 1
Eurytarsites Formicinae Hong Eurytarsites fushunensis Yes 1
Fonsecahymen Uncertain Martins-Neto & Mendes Fonsecahymen stigmata Yes 1
Furcisutura Ponerinae Hong Furcisutura wanghuacunensis Yes 1
Fushuniformica Formicinae Hong Fushuniformica spinata Yes 1
Fushunomyrmex Myrmicinae Hong Fushunomyrmex liaoningensis Yes 1
Huaxiaformica Formicinae Hong Huaxiaformica mallepetiolata Yes 1
Klondikia Uncertain Dlussky & Rasnitsyn Klondikia whiteae Yes 1
Kohlsimyrma Uncertain Dlussky & Rasnitsyn Kohlsimyrma laticeps Yes 3
Leptogasteritus Formicinae Hong Leptogasteritus capricornutes Yes 1
Liaoformica Formicinae Hong Liaoformica longipetiolata Yes 1
Loboponera Ponerinae Ponerini Bolton & Brown Loboponera vigilans 9
Longicapitia Ponerinae Hong Longicapitia reticulata Yes 1
Longiformica Formicinae Hong Longiformica dongzhouheensis Yes 2
Magnogasterites Formicinae Hong Magnogasterites curticornutus Yes 1
Myrmecites Myrmicinae Dlussky & Rasnitsyn Myrmecites rotundiceps Yes 6
Orbicapitia Formicinae Hong Orbicapitia reticulata Yes 1
Orbigastrula Myrmicinae Hong Orbigastrula guchengziensis Yes 1
Ovalicapito Formicinae Hong Ovalicapito fushunensis Yes 1
Ovaligastrula Formicinae Hong Ovaligastrula xilutianensis Yes 1
Ponerites Ponerinae Ponerini Dlussky & Rasnitsyn Ponerites eocenicus Yes 15
Proiridomyrmex Dolichoderinae Dlussky & Rasnitsyn Proiridomyrmex vetulus Yes 2
Quadrulicapito Myrmicinae Hong Quadrulicapito longa Yes 1
Quineangulicapito Myrmicinae Hong Quineangulicapito fushunensis Yes 1
Sinoformica Formicinae Hong Sinoformica longicapitata Yes 1
Sinomyrmex Myrmicinae Hong Sinomyrmex brunneus Yes 2
Sinotenuicapito Formicinae Hong Sinotenuicapito badis Yes 1
Solenopsites Myrmicinae Dlussky & Rasnitsyn Solenopsites minutus Yes 3
Sphaerogasterites Myrmicinae Hong Sphaerogasterites longipetiolatus Yes 1
Wilsonia Formicinae Hong Wilsonia megagastrosa Yes 2
Wumyrmex Myrmicinae Hong Wumyrmex furvis Yes 1

The following 150 species/subspecies were described in 2002 (see all years)

Taxon Name Subfamily Tribe Genus Species Subspecies Author Type Locality Country Fossil Fossil Age Notes
Acropyga guangxiensis Formicinae Plagiolepidini Acropyga guangxiensis Terayama, Fellowes & Zhou Synonym, see Acropyga yaeyamensis
Acropyga septemstruma Formicinae Plagiolepidini Acropyga septemstruma Terayama, Fellowes & Zhou Synonym, see Acropyga oceanica
Acropyga yunnanensis Formicinae Plagiolepidini Acropyga yunnanensis Terayama, Fellowes & Zhou Synonym, see Acropyga yaeyamensis
Aphaenogaster antiqua Myrmicinae Attini Aphaenogaster antiqua Dlussky Yes
Bothriomyrmex anastasiae Dolichoderinae Bothriomyrmex anastasiae Dubovikoff Russian Federation
Bothriomyrmex urartus Dolichoderinae Bothriomyrmex urartus Dubovikoff Armenia
Brachytarsites dongzhouheensis Myrmicinae Brachytarsites dongzhouheensis Hong Yes
Camponotus arenatus Formicinae Camponotini Camponotus arenatus Shattuck & McArthur Australia
Camponotus donnellani Formicinae Camponotini Camponotus donnellani Shattuck & McArthur Australia
Camponotus owensae Formicinae Camponotini Camponotus owensae Shattuck & McArthur Australia
Camponotus panamensis Formicinae Camponotini Camponotus panamensis Fernández Panama
Camponotus perjurus Formicinae Camponotini Camponotus perjurus Shattuck & McArthur Australia
Camponotus polymorphicus Formicinae Camponotini Camponotus polymorphicus Mackay, W.P., López-Castro & Fernández Colombia
Camponotus prosseri Formicinae Camponotini Camponotus prosseri Shattuck & McArthur Australia
Camponotus rufonigrus Formicinae Camponotini Camponotus rufonigrus Shattuck & McArthur Australia
Camponotus setosus Formicinae Camponotini Camponotus setosus Shattuck & McArthur Australia
Cardiocondyla longinoda Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Cardiocondyla longinoda Rigato Tanzania
Cardiocondyla luciae Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Cardiocondyla luciae Rigato Tanzania
Cardiocondyla yoruba Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Cardiocondyla yoruba Rigato Nigeria
Carebara nitida Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Carebara nitida Dlussky Yes
Carebara ucrainica Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Carebara ucrainica Dlussky Yes
Cataglyphis flavitibia Formicinae Formicini Cataglyphis flavitibia Chang & He China
Cataglyphis glabilabia Formicinae Formicini Cataglyphis glabilabia Chang & He China
Cataglyphis helanensis Formicinae Formicini Cataglyphis helanensis Chang & He China
Clavipetiola asiatica Myrmicinae Clavipetiola asiatica Hong Yes
Curticorna leptogastrosa Uncertain Curticorna leptogastrosa Hong Yes
Curtipalpulus eocenicus Formicinae Curtipalpulus eocenicus Hong Yes
Cyphomyrmex muelleri Myrmicinae Attini Cyphomyrmex muelleri Schultz & Solomon Panama
Dolichoderus brevicornis Dolichoderinae Dolichoderini Dolichoderus brevicornis Dlussky Yes
Dolichoderus kinabaluensis Dolichoderinae Dolichoderini Dolichoderus kinabaluensis Dill Borneo
Dolichoderus kohlsi Dolichoderinae Dolichoderini Dolichoderus kohlsi Dlussky & Rasnitsyn Yes
Dolichoderus longipilosus Dolichoderinae Dolichoderini Dolichoderus longipilosus Dlussky Yes
Dolichoderus magnipastor Dolichoderinae Dolichoderini Dolichoderus magnipastor Dill Borneo
Dolichoderus maschwitzi Dolichoderinae Dolichoderini Dolichoderus maschwitzi Dill Borneo
Dolichoderus nanus Dolichoderinae Dolichoderini Dolichoderus nanus Dlussky Yes
Dolichoderus pastorulus Dolichoderinae Dolichoderini Dolichoderus pastorulus Dill Borneo
Dolichoderus pilinomas Dolichoderinae Dolichoderini Dolichoderus pilinomas Dill Borneo
Dolichoderus polessus Dolichoderinae Dolichoderini Dolichoderus polessus Dlussky Yes
Dolichoderus polonicus Dolichoderinae Dolichoderini Dolichoderus polonicus Dlussky Yes
Dolichoderus robustus Dolichoderinae Dolichoderini Dolichoderus robustus Dlussky Yes
Dolichoderus zherichini Dolichoderinae Dolichoderini Dolichoderus zherichini Dlussky Yes
Eoaenictites castanifurvus Uncertain Eoaenictites castanifurvus Hong Yes
Eoformica globularis Uncertain Eoformica globularis Dlussky & Rasnitsyn Yes
Eoformica magna Uncertain Eoformica magna Dlussky & Rasnitsyn Yes
Eogorgites cingulatus Ponerinae Eogorgites cingulatus Hong Yes
Eoleptocerites chinensis Formicinae Eoleptocerites chinensis Hong Yes
Eoleptocerites fushunensis Formicinae Eoleptocerites fushunensis Hong Yes
Eoponerites longipetiolatus Ponerinae Eoponerites longipetiolatus Hong Yes
Eurytarsites fushunensis Formicinae Eurytarsites fushunensis Hong Yes
Fonsecahymen stigmata Uncertain Fonsecahymen stigmata Martins-Neto & Mendes Yes
Formica aseta Formicinae Formicini Formica aseta Chang & He China
Formica breviscapa Formicinae Formicini Formica breviscapa Chang & He China
Formica corsica Formicinae Formicini Formica corsica Seifert France
Formica dachaidanensis Formicinae Formicini Formica dachaidanensis Chang & He China
Formica delinghaensis Formicinae Formicini Formica delinghaensis Chang & He China
Formica georgica Formicinae Formicini Formica georgica Seifert Georgia
Formica gustawi Formicinae Formicini Formica gustawi Dlussky Yes
Formica liogaster Formicinae Formicini Formica liogaster Chang & He China
Formica liopthalma Formicinae Formicini Formica liopthalma Chang & He China
Formica minocca Formicinae Formicini Formica minocca Chang & He China
Formica robusta Chang & He Formicinae Formicini Formica robusta Chang & He China
Formica villiscapa Formicinae Formicini Formica villiscapa Chang & He China
Fulakora agostii Amblyoponinae Amblyoponini Fulakora agostii Lacau & Delabie Brazil
Fulakora cleae Amblyoponinae Amblyoponini Fulakora cleae Delabie Brazil
Fulakora heraldoi Amblyoponinae Amblyoponini Fulakora heraldoi Lacau & Delabie Brazil
Furcisutura wanghuacunensis Ponerinae Furcisutura wanghuacunensis Hong Yes
Fushuniformica spinata Formicinae Fushuniformica spinata Hong Yes
Fushunomyrmex liaoningensis Myrmicinae Fushunomyrmex liaoningensis Hong Yes
Gnamptogenys biquetra Ectatomminae Ectatommini Gnamptogenys biquetra Lattke Panama
Gnamptogenys brunoi Ectatomminae Ectatommini Gnamptogenys brunoi Lattke Yes
Gnamptogenys casca Ectatomminae Ectatommini Gnamptogenys casca Lattke Yes
Gnamptogenys falcaria Ectatomminae Ectatommini Gnamptogenys falcaria Lattke Dominican Republic
Gnamptogenys insularis Ectatomminae Ectatommini Gnamptogenys insularis Lattke Dominican Republic
Gnamptogenys lavra Ectatomminae Ectatommini Gnamptogenys lavra Lattke Brazil
Gnamptogenys rumba Ectatomminae Ectatommini Gnamptogenys rumba Lattke Cuba
Huaxiaformica mallepetiolata Formicinae Huaxiaformica mallepetiolata Hong Yes
Kohlsimyrma gracilis Uncertain Kohlsimyrma gracilis Dlussky & Rasnitsyn Yes
Kohlsimyrma laticeps Uncertain Kohlsimyrma laticeps Dlussky & Rasnitsyn Yes
Kohlsimyrma longiceps Uncertain Kohlsimyrma longiceps Dlussky & Rasnitsyn Yes
Lasius longicirrus Formicinae Lasiini Lasius longicirrus Chang & He China
Leptanilla kunmingensis Leptanillinae Leptanillini Leptanilla kunmingensis Xu, Z. & Zhang China
Leptanilla yunnanensis Leptanillinae Leptanillini Leptanilla yunnanensis Xu, Z. China
Leptogasteritus capricornutes Formicinae Leptogasteritus capricornutes Hong Yes
Liaoformica longipetiolata Formicinae Liaoformica longipetiolata Hong Yes
Liometopum dentimandibulum Dolichoderinae Liometopum dentimandibulum Chang & He Synonym, see Liometopum sinense
Loboponera basalis Ponerinae Ponerini Loboponera basalis Bolton & Brown Ivory Coast
Loboponera edentula Ponerinae Ponerini Loboponera edentula Bolton & Brown Rwanda
Loboponera obeliscata Ponerinae Ponerini Loboponera obeliscata Bolton & Brown Ghana
Loboponera politula Ponerinae Ponerini Loboponera politula Bolton & Brown Nigeria
Loboponera subatra Ponerinae Ponerini Loboponera subatra Bolton & Brown Cameroun
Loboponera trica Ponerinae Ponerini Loboponera trica Bolton & Brown Ivory Coast
Loboponera vigilans Ponerinae Ponerini Loboponera vigilans Bolton & Brown Ivory Coast
Longicapitia reticulata Ponerinae Ponerini Longicapitia reticulata Hong Yes
Longiformica dongzhouheensis Formicinae Longiformica dongzhouheensis Hong Yes
Longiformica guchengziensis Formicinae Longiformica guchengziensis Hong Yes
Magnogasterites curticornutus Formicinae Magnogasterites curticornutus Hong Yes
Mianeuretus eocenicus Aneuretinae Mianeuretus eocenicus Dlussky & Rasnitsyn Yes
Mycetomoellerius compactus Myrmicinae Attini Mycetomoellerius compactus Mayhé-Nunes & Brandão Suriname
Myrmecites rotundiceps Myrmicinae Myrmecites rotundiceps Dlussky & Rasnitsyn Yes
Myrmica anatolica Myrmicinae Myrmicini Myrmica anatolica Elmes, Radchenko & Aktaç Turkey
Myrmica jennyae Myrmicinae Myrmicini Myrmica jennyae Elmes, Radchenko & Aktaç Turkey
Myrmica tamarae Myrmicinae Myrmicini Myrmica tamarae Elmes, Radchenko & Aktaç Turkey
Myrmica tulinae Myrmicinae Myrmicini Myrmica tulinae Elmes, Radchenko & Aktaç Turkey
Nylanderia gulinensis Formicinae Lasiini Nylanderia gulinensis Zhang, W. & Zheng China
Orbicapitia reticulata Formicinae Orbicapitia reticulata Hong Yes
Orbigastrula guchengziensis Myrmicinae Orbigastrula guchengziensis Hong Yes
Ovalicapito fushunensis Formicinae Ovalicapito fushunensis Hong Yes
Ovaligastrula xilutianensis Formicinae Ovaligastrula xilutianensis Hong Yes
Pachycondyla baltica Ponerinae Ponerini Pachycondyla baltica Dlussky Yes
Pachycondyla labandeirai Ponerinae Ponerini Pachycondyla labandeirai Dlussky & Rasnitsyn Yes
Peronomyrmex bartoni Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Peronomyrmex bartoni Shattuck & Hinkley Australia
Plagiolepis cardiocarenis Formicinae Plagiolepidini Plagiolepis cardiocarenis Chang & He China
Plagiolepis minutissima Formicinae Plagiolepidini Plagiolepis minutissima Dlussky Yes
Polyrhachis brevicorpa Formicinae Camponotini Polyrhachis brevicorpa Xu, Z. China
Polyrhachis cornihumera Formicinae Camponotini Polyrhachis cornihumera Xu, Z. China
Polyrhachis cornuhumera Formicinae Camponotini Polyrhachis cornuhumera Zhou & Huang China
Polyrhachis dentihumera Formicinae Camponotini Polyrhachis dentihumera Xu, Z. China
Polyrhachis orbihumera Formicinae Camponotini Polyrhachis orbihumera Xu, Z. China
Polyrhachis rotoccipita Formicinae Camponotini Polyrhachis rotoccipita Xu, Z. China
Polyrhachis zhengi Formicinae Camponotini Polyrhachis zhengi Zhou & Huang China
Ponerites coloradensis Ponerinae Ponerini Ponerites coloradensis Dlussky & Rasnitsyn Yes
Ponerites eocenicus Ponerinae Ponerini Ponerites eocenicus Dlussky & Rasnitsyn Yes
Ponerites hypoponeroides Ponerinae Ponerini Ponerites hypoponeroides Dlussky & Rasnitsyn Yes
Pristomyrmex hamatus Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Pristomyrmex hamatus Xu, Z. & Zhang China
Proceratium morisitai Proceratiinae Proceratiini Proceratium morisitai Onoyama & Yoshimura Japan
Procryptocerus eladio Myrmicinae Attini Procryptocerus eladio Longino & Snelling Costa Rica
Procryptocerus kempfi Myrmicinae Attini Procryptocerus kempfi Longino & Snelling Costa Rica
Procryptocerus nalini Myrmicinae Attini Procryptocerus nalini Longino & Snelling Costa Rica
Procryptocerus tortuguero Myrmicinae Attini Procryptocerus tortuguero Longino & Snelling Costa Rica
Proiridomyrmex vetulus Dolichoderinae Proiridomyrmex vetulus Dlussky & Rasnitsyn Yes
Protanilla bicolor Leptanillinae Anomalomyrmini Protanilla bicolor Xu, Z. China
Protanilla concolor Leptanillinae Anomalomyrmini Protanilla concolor Xu, Z. China
Protanilla furcomandibula Leptanillinae Anomalomyrmini Protanilla furcomandibula Xu, Z. & Zhang China
Quadrulicapito longa Myrmicinae Quadrulicapito longa Hong Yes
Quineangulicapito fushunensis Myrmicinae Quineangulicapito fushunensis Hong Yes
Sinoformica longicapitata Formicinae Sinoformica longicapitata Hong Yes
Sinomyrmex brunneus Myrmicinae Sinomyrmex brunneus Hong Yes
Sinomyrmex furvis Myrmicinae Sinomyrmex furvis Hong Yes
Sinotenuicapito badis Formicinae Sinotenuicapito badis Hong Yes
Solenopsites minutus Myrmicinae Solenopsites minutus Dlussky & Rasnitsyn Yes
Sphaerogasterites longipetiolatus Myrmicinae Sphaerogasterites longipetiolatus Hong Yes
Stenamma koreanense Myrmicinae Stenammini Stenamma koreanense Lyu, DuBois & Cho Republic of Korea
Streblognathus peetersi Ponerinae Ponerini Streblognathus peetersi Robertson South Africa
Tapinoma electrinum Dolichoderinae Tapinomini Tapinoma electrinum Dlussky Yes
Temnothorax fragosus Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Temnothorax fragosus Mackay, W.P. & Buschinger Canada
Tetramorium kieti Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Tetramorium kieti Roncin Vietnam
Tetramorium securis Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Tetramorium securis Roncin Vietnam
Wilsonia liaoningensis Formicinae Wilsonia liaoningensis Hong Yes
Wilsonia megagastrosa Formicinae Wilsonia megagastrosa Hong Yes
Wumyrmex furvis Myrmicinae Wumyrmex furvis Hong Yes