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Studying Ants

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Species Pages






Link to mczbase records Acropyga_parvidens

Lat/long details

A text string table of contents, with a right floated table of contents. Categories Template

force a new line


this pushes everything below what is above

add more whitespace  

table in identification section

Link to more images

Additional montage images for this species can be found [[:Category:{{PAGENAME}}|here]]

pdf image descriptions - similar to key images

larger caste images in gallery with forced new line for next entry on page two formats:

Clear right for a thumb image float Lepisiota_capensis#Biology

Wild Image



video player documention - [1]

vimeo example - Leptogenys falcigera

you tube information/examples

Species Groups

Tetramorium examples - a diverse group with many species groups

if there are keys, links are provided to and from group pages

group species pages have the following categories

[[Category:Species Groups|genusname]][[Category:genus]]


specific names, examples of their use

data templates, can search using template terms to find examples of their use on a page; template term is |mean_colony_size_source= ; search for mean colony size


we use a template to making columns: Template:Div col the documentation:this page

The template creates wiki specific markup, as detailed in the documention. There does not have everything I would want for formatting options. There are other column generating templates available. The column template we use is CSS based, and makes good compromises to allow for auto-scalable (by browser and device) rendering of the information. More complex columns are table based and tables can easily break things. For example, they may render wrong or entirely break a page across different browsers and devices. Tables that fail in their standards-compliance will likely also fail in terms of meeting accessibility standards.

example here The Ants of India


Offsite Links

text to ASCII

Bird Wiki

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