Key to US Formicoxenus species

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Key to workers of Formicoxenus species known from the United States, modified from Francoeur et al. (1985).


  • Postpetiole large and broadly attached to gaster (articulation only slightly less than height of postpetiole); head with longitudinal rugae along its entire length => 2
  • Postpetiole small and narrowly attached to gaster (articulation approximately one-half height height of postpetiole); head microreticulate, lacking longitudinal rugae => 4


  • Dorsum of postpetiole finely but distinctly sculptured, the surface matte; petiole lower, the node rounded dorsally; erect hairs on mesosoma and gaster longer, those on first gastral tergite approximately as long as greatest hind femur diamter. (Associated with Manica invidia) => Formicoxenus chamberlini
Profile of Formicoxenus chamberlini worker
  • Dorsum of postpetiole smooth and shiny, at most only very lightly sculptured; petiole higher, the node angular dorsally; erect hairs on mesosoma and gaster shorter, those on first gastral tergite less than 0.8 times greatest hind femur diamter. (Associated with the Myrmica) => 3


Profile of Formicoxenus provancheri worker
Profile of Formicoxenus quebecensis worker


Profile of Formicoxenus hirticornis worker
  • Face above level of eyes areolate, rugae absent; erect hairs on mesosoma thin and pointed, those on head a mix of thin and pointed and swollen and blunt-tipped. (Associated with the Formica rufa group) => Formicoxenus diversipilosus
Profile of Formicoxenus diversipilosus worker


  • Francoeur, A., Loiselle, R. & Buschinger, A. 1985. Biosystématique de la tribu Leptothoracini (Formicidae, Hymenoptera). 1. Le genre Formicoxenus dans la région holarctique. Nat. Can. (Qué.) 112: 343-403.