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Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Hymenoptera
Family: Formicidae
Subfamily: Dolichoderinae
Tribe: Bothriomyrmecini
Genus: Chronoxenus
Santschi, 1919
Type species
Bothriomyrmex myops, now Chronoxenus myops
9 species
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Chronoxenus myops casent0103286 d 1 high.jpg

Specimen Labels

Evolutionary Relationships

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Based on Ward et al. 2010.


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Life History Traits

  • Mean colony size: ? (Greer et al., 2021)
  • Compound colony type: not parasitic (Greer et al., 2021)
  • Nest site: hypogaeic (Greer et al., 2021)
  • Diet class: omnivore (Greer et al., 2021)
  • Foraging stratum: subterranean/leaf litter; arboreal (Greer et al., 2021)


Worker Morphology

 • Eyes: 11-100 ommatidia • Pronotal Spines: absent • Mesonotal Spines: absent • Propodeal Spines: absent • Petiolar Spines: absent • Caste: none or weak • Sting: absent • Metaplural Gland: present • Cocoon: absent



The following information is derived from Barry Bolton's Online Catalogue of the Ants of the World.

  • CHRONOXENUS [Dolichoderinae: Bothriomyrmecini]
    • Chronoxenus Santschi, 1919i: 202 [as subgenus of Bothriomyrmex]. Type-species: Bothriomyrmex myops, by subsequent designation of Donisthorpe, 1944e: 102.
    • Chronoxenus junior synonym of Bothriomyrmex: Shattuck, 1992c: 54.
    • Chronoxenus revived from synonymy and raised to genus: Dubovikov, 2005a: 92.

Taxonomic history

  • Chronoxenus in Dolichoderinae, Tapinomini: Wheeler, W.M. 1922a: 690; all subsequent authors to the following.
  • Chronoxenus in Dolichoderini, Iridomyrmecini, Bothriomyrmecina: Dubovikov, 2005a: 92.
  • Chronoxenus in Dolichoderinae, Bothriomyrmecini: Ward, Brady, et al. 2010: 361.
  • Chronoxenus as subgenus of Bothriomyrmex: Santschi, 1919i: 202; Wheeler, W.M. 1922a: 690.
  • Chronoxenus as junior synonym of Bothriomyrmex: Brown, 1973b: 179 [provisional]; Shattuck, 1992c: 54; Bolton, 1994: 26; Shattuck, 1994: 31; Bolton, 1995b: 24; Bolton, 2003: 84.
  • Chronoxenus as genus: Dubovikov, 2005a: 92.


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