Summary of taxonomic changes in Amblyoponinae - 2016

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The following taxonomic changes within the subfamily Amblyoponinae have been proposed by Ward & Fisher (2016).

Removed from Amblyoponinae

Opamyrma (with sole species Opamyrma hungvuong) is removed from Amblyoponinae and placed in Leptanillinae.

Genus-level Changes

Previous Name Current Name
Bannapone Stigmatomma
Concoctio Prionopelta
Ericapelta Fulakora
Lithomyrmex Onychomyrmex
Paraprionopelta Fulakora

Fulakora is removed from synonymy with Stigmatomma.

Species-level Changes

Previous Name Current Name
Bannapone caliginosa Stigmatomma caliginosum
Bannapone cryptica Stigmatomma crypticum
Bannapone fulvida Stigmatomma fulvidum
Bannapone mulanae Stigmatomma mulanae
Bannapone pertinax Stigmatomma pertinax
Bannapone scrobiceps Stigmatomma scrobiceps
Bannapone zwaluwenburgi Stigmatomma zwaluwenburgi
Concoctio concenta Prionopelta concenta
Paraprionopelta minima Fulakora minima
Stigmatomma agostii Fulakora agostii
Stigmatomma armigerum Fulakora armigera
Stigmatomma bierigi Fulakora bierigi
Stigmatomma celatum Fulakora celata
Stigmatomma chilense Fulakora chilensis
Stigmatomma cleae Fulakora cleae
Stigmatomma degeneratum Fulakora degenerata
Stigmatomma egregium Fulakora egregia
Stigmatomma elongatum Fulakora elongata
Stigmatomma exiguum Fulakora exigua
Stigmatomma falcatum Fulakora falcata
Stigmatomma ferrugineum Amblyopone ferruginea
Stigmatomma glauerti Onychomyrmex glauerti
Stigmatomma gnoma Fulakora gnoma
Stigmatomma gracile Fulakora gracilis
Stigmatomma heraldoi Fulakora heraldoi
Stigmatomma lucidum Fulakora lucida
Stigmatomma lurilabes Fulakora lurilabes
Stigmatomma monrosi Fulakora monrosi
Stigmatomma mystriops Fulakora mystriops
Stigmatomma orizabanum Fulakora orizabana
Stigmatomma papuanum Fulakora papuana
Stigmatomma punctulatum Fulakora punctulata
Stigmatomma saundersi Fulakora saundersi
Stigmatomma smithi Fulakora smithi
Stigmatomma wilsoni Fulakora wilsoni