Key to Afrotropical Tetramorium capense species group

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This worker key is modified from Bolton (1980)[1]

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Tetramorium semireticulatum casent0901229 p 1 high.jpg
Tetramorium semireticulatum casent0901229 d 1 high.jpg
  • Propodeal spines long, clearly longer than the distance between them. If not clearly so, then the spines are cylindrical . . . . . 2


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  • Dorsal alitrunk with very short stout strongly blunted hairs, contrasting strongly to the hairs on the first gastral tergite which are elongate, fine and acute, and 3-4 times longer than the alitrunk hairs ..... Tetramorium dominum
Tetramorium dominum casent0901240 p 1 high.jpg
Tetramorium dominum casent0901240 d 1 high.jpg
  • Dorsal alitrunk with hairs subequal in length with those on the first gastral tergite, the hairs in both places similarly shaped . . . . . 3


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  • Petiole or postpetiole dorsum, or both, with strong rugulation or a rugoreticulum. Dorsum of petiole node as long as or longer than broad ..... Tetramorium amatongae
Tetramorium amatongae P casent0235771.jpg
Tetramorium amatongae D casent0235771.jpg
  • Petiole and postpetiole dorsum predominantly reticulate-punctate, without rugulae or at most with only a few very feeble rugulae. If the latter then dorsum of petiole node is much broader than long . . . . . 4


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  • Hairs on dorsal alitrunk much longer than maximum diameter of eye. Dorsal alitrunk predominantly or entirely punctulate or reticulate-punctate, with little or no longitudinal rugulation. Head both absolutely and relatively broader, HW 0.82-0.96, CI 88-92..... Tetramorium capense
Tetramorium capense casent0217961 p 1 high.jpg
Tetramorium capense casent0217961 d 1 high.jpg
  • Hairs on dorsal alitrunk much shorter than maximum diameter of eye (Fig. 140). Dorsal alitrunk with conspicuous strong longitudinal rugulae which dominate the sculpture. Head both absolutely and relatively narrower, HW 042-046, CI 83-84..... Tetramorium lobulicorne
Tetramorium lobulicorne casent0901241 p 1 high.jpg
Tetramorium lobulicorne casent0901241 d 1 high.jpg