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This page links to some Antwiki specific help pages, as well as parts of the Mediawiki help manual.

Mediawiki Manual

Many common editing tasks - how to format text, how to format a link to another page in the wiki, etc. - can be found in the Mediawiki Handbook: Editing basics and Editor handbook. If you don't see a link to an editing task in the list below you may find what you are looking for in the Mediawiki help pages.

New to Antwiki?

Here you can learn how to begin a few common tasks like editing a species page, working on a regional project (a place specific species list) or creating a new Antwiki page.

Editing Pages

  • Create a new page
  • Edit an existing page. This link will take you to the Mediawiki help page for this topic. If there is something specific you are trying to do that is not explained in the editing help, it can be useful to find a page that has something similar to what you want to create or change. Then look at that edit page for that content to see how it is arranged and formatted.
  • Basic Page Formating


Photos on Antwiki webpages are posted from a file on the Antwiki webserver. If you wish to add a photo to a page you first need to upload the file. Uploading creates a file page, File:Formica-comata 0195.jpg, and it is this file that is specified to show the photo on an antwiki webpage Formica comata.


There is a faunal list for every country (Kenya) and for a few, a regional project page (Ants of Kenya).

Some other regional project pages:

These are examples of pages you can create if you are interested in a particular ant fauna and want to organize some information that goes beyond a faunal list. Projects can be made for other uses as well, such as having a central place to organize Antwiki resources being used while carrying out a research project.