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This is a myrmecophilous genus of Carabidae (Paussini) beetles with twenty four described species. Head always with two supra-orbital setigerous punctures on each side ; labrum evenly rounded, without an anterior median triangular prominence;ligula not fringed with setae, tooth of submentum triangular, not long and pointed; anterior femora without antebasal protuberances; wings fully developed; distribution North and South America.

List of Helluomorphoides and their Host Ants
Genus and species Author and Year Ant Host Distribution Notes
Helluomorphoides agathyrsus (Buquet, 1835) ants
Helluomorphoides balli Reichardt, 1974 ants
Helluomorphoides brunneus (Putzeys, 1846) ants
Helluomorphoides clairvillei (Dejean, 1831) ants Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, Florida, New Jersey, South Carolina
Helluomorphoides diana Reichardt, 1974 ants
Helluomorphoides femoratus (Dejean, 1831) ants
Helluomorphoides ferrugineus (Leconte, 1853) Neivamyrmex nigrescens Arizona, New Mexico, Texas (Type), Mexico
Helluomorphoides gigantops Reichardt, 1974 ants
Helluomorphoides glabratus (Bates, 1871) ants
Helluomorphoides io Reichardt, 1974 ants
Helluomorphoides juno Reichardt, 1974 ants
Helluomorphoides latitarsis (Casey, 1913) ants Arizona, Texas, Mexico.
Helluomorphoides longicollis (Bates, 1883) ants
Helluomorphoides mexicanus (Chaudoir, 1872) ants
Helluomorphoides nigerrimus (Klug, 1834) ants Argentina
Helluomorphoides nigripennis (Dejean, 1831) ants Alabama, Georgia, New Jersey, Texas
Helluomorphoides oculeus (Bates, 1871) ants Argentina
Helluomorphoides papago (Casey, 1913) ants Arizona (Type), Texas, Mexico.
Helluomorphoides praeustus (Dejean, 1825) ants Georgia, New Jersey, Alabama, Florida
Helluomorphoides ritae Reichardt, 1974 ants
Helluomorphoides rubricollis (Schaum, 1863) ants
Helluomorphoides squiresi (Chaudoir, 1872) ants
Helluomorphoides texanus (Leconte, 1853) ants Texas, Colorado, Kansas, Alabama, Georgia, Mexico.
Helluomorphoides unicolor (Brulle, 1834) ants


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