Christmas Island

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Christmas Island
Region Asia
Subregion South-Eastern Asia
BioRegion Indo-Australian Region
Subfamilies 3
Genera 4
Endemic Genera 0
% Endemic Genera 0.0%
Species/Subspecies 5
Endemic Species 4
% Endemic Species 80.0%
Introduced Species 0

The following valid species and subspecies of ants are known to occur in Christmas Island. Unidentified and undescribed species will be added to this list as identifications are verified and taxonomic revisions are published. This species list is based upon the effort of many ant collectors as well as myrmecologists who have published on the taxonomy of Christmas Island ants. Those who have specimen records that expand this list are encouraged to submit this information in the discussion section of the Christmas Island Ants web page. Please advise if any corrections are warranted.






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