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This is a myrmecophilous genus of Staphylinidae with five species. All are inquilines in the nests of ants.

List of Xenodusa and their Host Ants
Genus and species Author and Year Ant Host Distribution Notes
Xenodusa angusta (Fall, 1901) Camponotus clarithorax, Formica francoeuri North America: (Arizona, California, Kansas)
Xenodusa caseyi Wasmann, 1897 Formica subpolita North America: (Colorado, New Mexico)
Xenodusa cava (LeConte, 1863) Camponotus pennsylvanicus , Camponotus ligniperdus pictus, Formica exsectoides Canada, United States:(Colorado, Connecticut, Indiana, Iowa, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania
Xenodusa reflexa (Walker, 1866) Formica subpolita, Camponotus laevissimus, Camponotus modoc, Camponotus novaeboracensis Canada, United States (California, Connecticut, Missouri, North Dakota, Washington)
Xenodusa sharpi Wasmann, 1896 Camponotus auricomus, Camponotus picipes, Formica densiventris, Formica gnava Mexico


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