Pheidole annemariae species group

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Based on Salata & Fisher, 2020.


Species Identification

Pheidole annemariae - Major: Genae with smooth notch, inner and outer hypostomal teeth connected by indistinct concavity, posterior mesonotum with distinct teeth-like projections, propodeal spines very long (Fig. 40A, E). Minor workers. Mesonotal spines distinct, small, and triangular, katepisternum, anepisternum, and mesonotum never entirely smooth (Fig. 40B).

Pheidole marieannae - Major: Genae never with smooth notch, inner and outer hypostomal teeth not connected by concavity, posterior mesonotum with tubercle-like projections, propodeal spines moderately long (Fig. 40C, F). Minor workers. Mesonotal spines indistinct, katepisternum, anepisternum, and mesonotum entirely smooth (Fig. 40D).

Salata and Fisher 2020a. Figure 40. Pheidole annemariae, head and profile of major worker (A), hypostomal teeth (E), profile of minor worker (B). Pheidole marieannae, head of major worker (C), hypostomal teeth (F), profile of minor worker (D).

Group Diagnosis

Major workers Head in full-face view rectangular, slightly longer than wide, in lateral view sub-rectangular; ventral and dorsal faces finely convex; dorsal face finely depressed posteriorly, forming shallow transverse depression; sides of the head with moderately dense, long, erect pilosity; antennal scrobes indistinct and not delimited by carinulae; scrobe surface foveolate to rugo-foveolate, with distinct, thin, moderately sparse to dense, longitudinal rugae; occipital lobes with thick, sparse, irregular rugae, interspaces with fine rugulae fading posteriorly; frons with moderately sparse to dense, thick, longitudinal, and sometimes interrupted rugae, interspaces smooth to rugulose; promesonotum low and arched; posterior mesonotum with distinct teeth-like projections; promesonotal and metanotal grooves absent; propodeal spines long, triangular; mesosoma sculpture well developed, foveolate to rugo-foveolate; gaster finely shagreened; body brown to brownish black.

Minor workers Head foveolate, genae smooth; scape, when laid back, reaching the posterior head margin or surpassing it by two-fifths of its length; promesonotum low, slightly convex, short; mesonotal spines present, small, and triangular; promesonotal groove absent; metanotal groove absent or indistinct; propodeal spines long, triangular; mesosoma foveolate; katepisternum and mesonotum with smooth notches or smooth; body yellow.


The northern portion of the Madagascar evergreen rainforest biome. The distribution of Pheidole annemariae spreads between Toamasina and Andapa, while P. marieannae is known from lowlands between Antalaha and Vohemar.

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