Key to US Tapinoma species

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Key to workers of Tapinoma species known from the United States.


  • Antennal scapes not quite reaching posterior of head; entire body pale yellow => Tapinoma litorale
Head of Tapinoma litorale worker
Profile of Tapinoma litorale worker
  • Scapes surpassing posterior margin of head; at least part of body dark brown to black => 2


  • Concolorous dark brown to blackish brown, gaster as dark or slightly darker than the rest of the body => Tapinoma sessile
Head of Tapinoma sessile worker
Profile of Tapinoma sessile worker
  • Bicolored, head and mesosoma contrasting with gaster => 3


Profile of Tapinoma melanocephalum worker
Head of Tapinoma schreiberi worker
Profile of Tapinoma schreiberi worker