Key to Tapinoma of Hispaniola

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Additional information about the ants of the island can be found here: Ants of Hispaniola

Key to Workers


  • Head and mesosoma brown (in some specimens there may be some yellow coloration in the mesosoma), remainder of body yellow . . . . . Tapinoma melanocephalum
Tapinoma melanocephalum casent0173215 head 1.jpg
Tapinoma melanocephalum casent0173215 profile 1.jpg


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  • In profile propodeum slopes downward in even curve from anterior dorsum and continues without an angle for most of the length of propodeum margin, black/dark-brown body; tips of mandibles, tarsi, and mouth parts may be yellow . . . . . Tapinoma opacum
Tapinoma opacum casent0249768 h 1 high.jpg
Tapinoma opacum casent0249768 p 1 high.jpg

  • In profile dorsum of propodeum much shorter than declivious face, distinct but not overly pronounced angle between the margin of dorsum and declivious face; body not concolorously dark brown or black . . . . . 3


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  • In full face view antennal scapes not reaching or just slightly surpassing the occiput; most workers entirely dull yellow to yellow-orange, possibly with some darker brown infuscation . . . . . Tapinoma litorale
Tapinoma litorale casent0104532 head 1.jpg
Tapinoma litorale casent0104532 profile 1.jpg

  • In full face view antennal scapes surpassing the occiput, in some workers by as much as the length of the first two funicular segments; most worker with a body that is a yellowish/light dirty brown with some variable darker brown infuscation (darker brown may be found on gaster, dorsum of head and/or mesosoma) . . . . . Tapinoma rasenum
MCZ-ENT00531373 Tapinoma rasenum hef.jpg
MCZ-ENT00531373 Tapinoma rasenum hal.jpg