Key to Philippine species of Myrmoteras

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This worker and gyne key is based on: Zettel, H. and Sorger, D.M. 2011. New Myrmoteras ants from the southeastern Philippines. Raffles Bulletin of Zoology. 59:61-67.

Zettel and Sorger (2011) - The genus has two subgenera, Myrmoteras s.str. and Myagroteras Moffett, 1985. They are probably monophyletic entities (Moffett 1985). Only Myagroteras is known east of Huxley’s Line (Philippines, Sulawesi, Lombok), and two Philippine-endemic species have been described in the past: Myrmoteras (Myagroteras) williamsi Wheeler, 1919 and Myrmoteras (Myagroteras) insulcatum Moffett, 1985. Knowledge on Myrmoteras in the Philippines is extremely fragmentary, and much more specific field work with leaf litter sampling is required in order to provide a more complete picture than we can present now.

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Myrmoteras glabrum w head.jpg
Myrmoteras glabrum w lateral.jpg
  • Median frontal sulcus absent. Body dark orange red . . . . . Myrmoteras insulcatum (known only from the queen caste)


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  • Posterior face of temple (behind ridge) finely granulate. Mandible Index _ 1.45. Petiolar node wide (lateral aspect). . . . . . Myrmoteras mcarthuri
Myrmoteras mcartheri head.jpg
Myrmoteras mcartheri lateral.jpg
  • Posterior face of temple (behind ridge) smooth, without any sculpture. Mandible Index _ 1.30. Petiolar node narrow (lateral aspect). . . . . . Myrmoteras williamsi
MCZ ENT Myrmoteras williamsi 001 hef(3.jpg
MCZ ENT Myrmoteras williamsi 001 hal(2.jpg