Key to North American Genera of Proceratiinae

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This key to the genera of North American Proceratiinae has been adapted from Fisher & Cover (2007).

  • Apical antennal segment massive, about as long as the remaining segments combined (excluding scape) (A). Mandible with only a single tooth at the tip (B). Frontal carinae fused to form a single vertical ridge separating the antennal sockets (C), which are located on a clypeal shelf that projects forward, covering the rear part of the mandibles when they are closed in full-face view. (Not commonly collected) => Discothyrea (Discothyrea testacea)
  • Apical antennal segment moderately enlarged but distinctly shorter than the remaining segments combined (excluding scape) (AA). Mandible with several distinct teeth (BB). Frontal carinae separate and slightly expanded laterally and upwards from the plane of the head (CC). Antennal sockets located at anterior margin of head; clypeal shelf absent. (Not commonly collected) => Proceratium (Species key)

Fisher & Cover 2007, Key Fig. 24.png


  • Fisher, B. L.; Cover, S. P. 2007. Ants of North America. A guide to genera. Berkeley: University of California Press, xiv + 194 pp.