Key to Neotropical Proceratiinae genera

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This key is translated and modified from Baccaro et al (2015)[1] with permission of the authors

This key covers all the Neotropical Proceratiinae genera


  • Frontal lobes absent; antennal insertions completely exposed in frontal view with its beginning in the platform projecting from the anterior side of the head, in such a way that the mandibles are not visible in frotal view .....2
  • Frontal lobes overhanging in lateral view, partially covering the antennal insertions. Its beginning poterior to the clypeus and not projecting anteriorly ..... Proceratium (Neotropical species ID)
Proceratium compitale casent0172585 profile 1.jpg


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  • Apical antennal segment notably long and almost as long as all the rest of the funicular segments combined. Apex of gaster notably curved antero-ventrally ..... Discothyrea (Neotropical species ID)
Discothyrea horni casent0178698 profile 1.jpg
  • Apical antennal segment not as long and notably smaller than the rest of the funicular segments combined. Apex of gaster not curved antero-ventrally, and oriented posteriorly ..... Probolomyrmex (Neotropical species ID)



  1. Baccaro, F.; Feitosa, R. F.; Fernando, F.; Fernandes, I. O.; Izzo, T. J.; de Souza, J. L. P.; Solar, R. Guia para os gêneros de formigas do Brasil. Editora Inpa. Manaus, 2015. 388 pp.