Key to Australian Calyptomyrmex Species

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The following key to Australian Calyptomyrmex species has been modified from Shattuck (2011[1]).


  • Hairs on head and body spatulate (noticeably narrower near the body and expanded distally and with a rounded tip) => 2

Calyptomyrmex schraderi head view

  • Hairs on head and body thin (essentially the same width along entire length, or only slightly and gradually expanded distally, and with blunt tips) => 6

Calyptomyrmex ocullatus head view


  • Gaster with low longitudinal striations running between the spatulate hairs (Australia) => Calyptomyrmex fragarus

Calyptomyrmex fragarus head view Calyptomyrmex fragarus side view

  • Gaster smooth to shallowly punctate => 3


  • Propodeum armed with short angular teeth => 4

Calyptomyrmex sparsus side view

  • Propodeum unarmed => 5

Calyptomyrmex schraderi side view


  • In dorsal view node of petiole much broader than long and rectangular in shape; body smaller (head width < 0.82mm) => Calyptomyrmex fritillus

Calyptomyrmex fritillus head view Calyptomyrmex fritillus side view

  • In dorsal view node of petiole only slightly broader than long and oval in shape; body larger (head width > 1.00mm) => Calyptomyrmex sparsus

Calyptomyrmex sparsus head view Calyptomyrmex sparsus side view


  • Hairs on head narrowly spatulate and rising well above the underlying body surface; in dorsal view node of petiole rectangular, in lateral view relatively thin; body smaller (head width < 0.82mm) (Australia) => Calyptomyrmex taylori

Calyptomyrmex taylori head view Calyptomyrmex taylori side view

  • Hairs on head broadly spatulate and appressed closely to the underlying body surface; in dorsal view node of petiole rounded, in lateral view relatively thick; body larger (head width > 0.90mm) => Calyptomyrmex beccarii

Calyptomyrmex schraderi head view Calyptomyrmex schraderi side view


Calyptomyrmex lineolus head view Calyptomyrmex lineolus side view

  • Gaster weakly (and sometimes indistinctly) punctate => 7


  • Mesonotum rugo-reticulate but with rugae running longitudinally; propodeal spines shorter; petiolar node in dorsal view broader and thinner => Calyptomyrmex grammus

Calyptomyrmex grammus head view Calyptomyrmex grammus side view

  • Mesonotum rugo-reticulate but lacking longitudinal rugae; propodeal spines longer; petiolar node in dorsal view narrower and thicker => Calyptomyrmex ocullatus

Calyptomyrmex ocullatus head view Calyptomyrmex ocullatus side view


  1. Shattuck, S.O. (2011) Revision of the ant genus Calyptomyrmex (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) in South-east Asia and Oceania. Zootaxa 2743:1-26.