Strumigenys marginiventris group

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Strumigenys marginiventris group Bolton (2000)



Worker Diagnosis

Apical fork of mandible without intercalary teeth or denticles. Mandible with one preapical tooth, located in the distal third; in one species a minute denticle also present, proximal of midlength. MI 67-94.

Leading edge of scape with all hairs curved or inclined toward the apex of the scape. Scape subcylindrical and slender, subbasal bend extremely feeble or effaced; SI 88-120.

Eyes moderate in size; ventrolateral margin of head in front of eyes weakly concave to almost straight. Postbuccal groove shallowly impressed.

Propodeal declivity in profile with an upper spine or acute tooth sub tended by a lamella or carina that extends down the declivity; base of declivity unarmed or with a low rounded lobe, without a basal spine or tooth.

Sculpture and pilosity variable within group but pronotal humeral hair flagellate.


This small group is defined mainly by the combination of dentition and curvature of hairs on the leading edge of the scape. It is to some extent a convenience group as I am unsure of genuine close relationship between some of its components.


  • Bolton, B. 2000. The ant tribe Dacetini. Memoirs of the American Entomological Institute. 65:1-1028.