Prenolepis shanialena

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Prenolepis shanialena
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Hymenoptera
Family: Formicidae
Subfamily: Formicinae
Tribe: Lasiini
Genus: Prenolepis
Species: P. shanialena
Binomial name
Prenolepis shanialena
Williams & LaPolla, 2016

USNMENT00755093 P.jpg

USNMENT00755093 D.jpg

Specimen Labels

Nothing is known about the biology of Prenolepis shanialena.


Williams and LaPolla (2016) - In profile view, the anterior border of the mesonotum bulges and rises above the pronotum.

This species is most similar to Prenolepis mediops but has larger compound eyes and a distinct anterodorsal bulge in the mesonotum that rises above the pronotum. Prenolepis shanialena also has a pair of prominent anterolateral lobes on its clypeus, which is not seen in P. mediops.

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Latitudinal Distribution Pattern

Latitudinal Range: 28.37° to 27.715°.

Tropical South

Distribution based on Regional Taxon Lists

Oriental Region: Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam (type locality).
Palaearctic Region: China.

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The following information is derived from Barry Bolton's Online Catalogue of the Ants of the World.

  • shanialena. Prenolepis shanialena Williams & LaPolla, 2016: 239, figs 115-117 (w.) VIETNAM.

Unless otherwise noted the text for the remainder of this section is reported from the publication that includes the original description.



(n=20): CMC: 8–16; EL: 0.21–0.27; EW: 0.18–0.22; HL: 0.73–0.92; HLA: 0.35–0.47; HLP: 0.22–0.31; HW: 0.66–0.85; IOD: 0.46–0.59; LF1: 0.18–26; LF2: 0.09–0.15; LHT: 0.83– 1.35; MMC: 1–2; MTW: 0.39–0.48; MW: 0.26–0.35; PDH: 0.28–0.40; PMC: 1–3; PrCL: 0.43–0.56; PrCW: 0.25– 0.32; PrFL: 0.69–1.00; PrFW: 0.17–0.23; PTH: 0.30–0.42; PTL: 0.29–0.40; PTW: 0.24–0.29; PW: 0.47–0.58; SL: 0.83–1.18; TL: 3.01–4.28; WF1: 0.06–0.08; WF2: 0.06–0.07; WL: 0.94–1.30; BLI: 134–164; CI: 81–95; EPI: 142–172; FLI: 173–215; HTI: 119–149; PetHI: 97–106; PetWI: 70–82; PrCI: 55–60; PrFI: 21–26; REL: 28–33; REL2: 30–35; REL3: 43–51; SI: 122–145.

Light to medium brown; cuticle of head, pronotum, mesopleuron, and gaster smooth and shiny; abundant decumbent setae on scapes and legs; long, erect macrosetae on head, pronotum, mesonotum, propodeum, and gaster; head slightly longer than broad and round in shape with indistinct posterolateral corners and a convex posterior margin; compound eyes moderately large and convex, but do not surpass the lateral margins of the head in full-face view; torulae overlap the posterior border of the clypeus; anterior border of clypeus with a pair of prominent anterolateral lobes (Fig 49); mandibles with 6 teeth on the masticatory margin; ectal surface of mandibles smooth and shiny; in profile view, the anterior border of the mesonotum bulges above the pronotum (Fig 26); propodeum is obtusely angled with a softly rounded dorsal face; dorsal apex of petiole scale is sharply angled and forward-inclined.

Type Material

Holotype worker. Vietnam: Lai Chau Province, Mount Fansipan (K. Eguchi) (Entomological Collection of the Institute of Ecology and Biological Resources: USNMENT00755093); 2 paratype workers, same locality as holotype (National Museum of Natural History: USNMENT00755136).


The specific epithet is a combination of Shani and Alena, the first and middle name of the first author’s fiancée.


References based on Global Ant Biodiversity Informatics

  • Williams J. L., and J. S. LaPolla. 2016. Taxonomic revision and phylogeny of the ant genus Prenolepis (Hymenoptera: Formicidae). Zootaxa 4200: 201-258.