List of Australian Polyrhachis Species

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The following species of Polyrhachis are currently known to occur in Australia. For identification see the subgenus key.

Campomyrma Wheeler, 1911

(Species key)

gravis species group

hexacantha species complex

micans species group

sidnica species group

Chariomyrma Forel, 1915

Cyrtomyrma Forel, 1915

(Species key)

Hagiomyrma Wheeler, 1911

(Species key)

ammon species group

penelope species group

schenckii species group

trapezoidea species group

tubifera species group

Hedomyrma Forel, 1915

Hirtomyrma Kohout, 2010

(Species key)

Myrma Billberg, 1820

relucens species group

Myrmatopa Forel, 1915

Myrmhopla Forel, 1915

(Species key)

Myrmothrinax Forel, 1915

Polyrhachis Smith, 1857