Key to Pseudonotoncus Species

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The following key to Pseudonotoncus species has been modified from Shattuck & O'Reilly (2013[1]).

  • Petiole approximately square in dorsal view; in lateral view almost as long as high, the anterior face rounding gradually into the domed dorsal face. Dorsal surface of petiole with course longitudinal rugae => Pseudonotoncus eurysikos
  • Petiole broader than long in dorsal view; in lateral view much higher than long, the anterior face separated from the flat dorsal face by a rounded angle. Dorsal surface of petiole smooth or with small foveate depressions => Pseudonotoncus hirsutus


  1. Shattuck, S.O. & O'Reilly, A.J. 2013. Revision of the Australian endemic ant genera Pseudonotoncus and Teratomyrmex (Hymenoptera: Formicidae: Formicinae). Zootaxa 3669, 287–301.