Key to Peronomyrmex Species

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The following key to Peronomyrmex species is based on Shattuck (2006[1]) and Shattuck & Hinkley (2002[2]).


  • Sculpturing on dorsum of head essentially absent, limited to small, scattered punctures or superficial reticulations => 2


  • Antennal scrobes relatively well developed, with distinct rugae along inner margins; posterior face of postpetiole essentially flat; area between humeral angles convex => Peronomyrmex overbecki
Head of Peronomyrmex overbecki worker
Profile of Peronomyrmex overbecki worker
  • Antennal scrobes little more than shallow troughs, lacking rugae along their margins; posterior face of postpetiole broadly concave; area between humeral angles flat => Peronomyrmex greavesi
Head of Peronomyrmex greavesi worker
Profile of Peronomyrmex greavesi worker


  1. Shattuck, S.O. (2006) A third species in the rare Australian ant genus Peronomyrmex Viehmeyer (Hymenoptera: Formicidae). Zootaxa, 1194, 49–55.
  2. Shattuck, S. O., Hinkley, S. (2002). A second species in the ant genus Peronomyrmex (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) . Australian Journal of Entomology. 41 : 104–105.