Key to Novomessor species

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This key to the workers of Novomessor is based on Creighton (1950), Umphrey (1996), Mackay and Mackay (2002) and unpublished notes by Bill Mackay.


Aphaenogaster ensifera casent0217816 p 1 high.jpg
  • Posterior section of head broadly convex, never in the form of an elongate neck => 2


  • Head (excluding mandibles) slightly longer than broad, usually with wavy, longitudinal or transverse rugae extending almost to posterior border, frons usually granulose; common in arroyos and desert canyons => Novomessor albisetosus
Aphaenogaster albisetosa casent0102824 profile 1.jpg
  • Head (excluding mandibles) at least 1 ⅓ as long as broad with wavy longitudinal rugae well developed only in anterior half of head; posterior half with feeble rugae which are replaced towards posterior border with fine, coriaceous sculpture; common in open desert => Novomessor cockerelli
Aphaenogaster cockerelli castype00622 profile 1.jpg


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