Key to North American Genera of Amblyoponinae

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This key to the genera of North American Amblyoponinae has been adapted from Fisher & Cover (2007) and Ward & Fisher (2016).


  • Mandible long, strongly projecting below clypeal margin and with numerous, bidenticulate teeth that are found along the entire inner surface (A) => 2
  • Mandible short, closing tightly against clypeus and with only three teeth, grouped together near the tip; middle tooth smallest (AA). Central Florida => Prionopelta (Prionopelta antillana)

Fisher & Cover 2007, Key Fig. 21.png


  • Lobes of frontal carinae contiguous or fused. Small, length about 3 mm. Color yellowish. Known only from Arizona => Fulakora (Fulakora orizabana)
Amblyopone orizabana casent0172807 profile 1.jpg
  • Lobes of frontal carinae separated by a distinct gap. Larger, length over 3 mm. Color blackish brown to reddish brown. Widespread => Stigmatomma (Species key)