Key to North American Dolichoderus Species

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The following key to North American Dolichoderus species is modified from Johnson (1989[1]).


  • Dorsum of pronotum and mesonotum approximately equal in sculptural development (Fig. 1c) and both surfaces largely opaque; erect hairs on head, upper thoracic surface (Fig. 2c) and scapes. . . . . . Dolichoderus plagiatus
Dolichoderus plagiatus casent0104779 head 1.jpg
Dolichoderus plagiatus casent0104779 profile 1.jpg
Dolichoderus plagiatus casent0104779 dorsal 1.jpg
  • Dorsum of pronotum, though granulate or punctate, smoother than the mesonotum, its surface opaque or shining; erect hairs may or may not occur on body and scapes . . . . . 2
Figure 1.
Figure 2.


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  • In dorsal view, the propodeum's width and length approximately equal; erect hairs absent from upper surface of mesosoma or confined to anterior of pronotum; body concolored in black. . . . . Dolichoderus taschenbergi
Dolichoderus taschenbergi casent0005172 head 1.jpg
Dolichoderus taschenbergi casent0005172 profile 1.jpg
Dolichoderus taschenbergi casent0005172 dorsal 1.jpg
  • In dorsal view, the propodeum's length exceeds its width; erect hairs may or may not occur on upper surface of mesosoma; body concolored or bicolored . . . . . 3


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  • No erect hairs on upper surface of mesosoma; the concave declivous face of propodeum sculptured with fine vertical striations; body bicolored. . . . . . Dolichoderus mariae
Dolichoderus mariae casent0003312 head 1.jpg
Dolichoderus mariae casent0003312 profile 1.jpg
Dolichoderus mariae casent0003312 dorsal 1.jpg
  • Several erect hairs occur over the length of the mesosoma; the concave, declivous face of propodeum smooth or granulate,; mature adults bicolored or concolored in dark brown or orange. . . . . Dolichoderus pustulatus
Dolichoderus pustulatus casent0103855 head 1.jpg
Dolichoderus pustulatus casent0103855 profile 1.jpg
Dolichoderus pustulatus casent0103855 dorsal 1.jpg


  1. Johnson, C. 1989. Identification and nesting sites of North American species of Dolichoderus Lund (Hymenoptera: Formicidae). Insecta Mundi 3: 1-9.