Key to Neotropical Amblyoponinae genera

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This key is translated and modified from Baccaro et al (2015)[1] with permission of the authors

This key covers all the Neotropical Amblyoponinae genera except the genus Paraprionopelta, known only from males.

Amblyopone mystriops casent0173551 profile 1.jpg
Prionopelta amabilis casent0007009 profile 1.jpg



  1. Baccaro, F.; Feitosa, R. F.; Fernando, F.; Fernandes, I. O.; Izzo, T. J.; de Souza, J. L. P.; Solar, R. Guia para os gêneros de formigas do Brasil. Editora Inpa. Manaus, 2015. 388 pp.