Key to Mycetophylax Species

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Key based on: *Klingenberg, C. & Brandão, C.R.F. 2009. Revision of the fungus-growing ant genera Mycetophylax Emery and Paramycetophylax Kusnezov rev. stat. and description of Kalathomyrmex n. gen. Zootaxa 2052: 1-31. PDF

A worker and gyne key is shown first, followed by a key to males.

Identification key for workers and gynes of Mycetophylax


  • Head as long as wide or a little longer than wide (CI 91–106). Vertexal carina absent. Antennal scapes not attaining the posterolateral corners of the head. Mesosoma smooth without acute spines or protuberances, dorsal profile almost straight in lateral view . . . . . 2
  • Head longer than wide (CI 82–97). Vertexal carina present. Antennal scapes surpassing the posterolateral corners of the head. Dorsal profile of mesonotum, in lateral view, with an anterior, low, but discernible tumulus. Also in lateral view, scutum of gynes lower in relation to the other Mycetophylax gynes . . . . . Mycetophylax morschi


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  • Color brownish to yellow. Mandibles with eight to nine teeth. Integument of the frontal lobes semitransparent, resulting in a pair of round transparent structures above the antennal insertions. Juncture of posterior and dorsal margins of propodeum angulate in side view, not spinose. Gaster without ventral keel . . . . . Mycetophylax simplex
  • Color dark brown to black. Mandibles with eight to ten teeth. No transparent integument patch on frontal lobes. Propodeum armed with a pair of spines. Gaster with a faint ventral keel . . . . . Mycetophylax conformis

Identification key to Mycetophylax males


  • Head wider than long, vertexal margin convex or straight. Antennal insertions not fully covered by frontal lobes. Pronotum mostly concealed by the scutum, barely visible with the mesosoma in dorsal view. Propodeum unarmed . . . . . 2M
  • Head longer than wide, vertexal margin concave to straight. In larger specimens, posterolateral corners of the head with protuberances. Frontal lobes covering antennal insertions. In dorsal view scutum covering pronotum only at posterior two thirds. Posterior margin of scutellum convex, with distinct short projections. Propodeum

armed with a pair of spines . . . . . Mycetophylax morschi


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  • Antennae with 13 segments. Clypeus not separated from the frontal area by a distinct suture. In lateral view, scutum higher than pronotum at the level of the pronotal posterior margin. Posterior margin of scutum slightly convex . . . . . Mycetophylax simplex
  • Antennae with 12 segments. Posterior border of clypeus distinct from the frontal area by a rounded suture. At the level of the posterior margin of the pronotum, in lateral view, the pronotum and scutum have the same height. Posterior margin of scutum straight . . . . . Mycetophylax conformis