Key to Austromorium Species

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The following key to Austromorium species is based on Shattuck (2009[1]).

  • Body smaller (head width < 0.85mm), gaster banded (honey yellow anteriorly and posteriorly, brown medially), propodeal lobes developed as sharp spines posteriorly (widespread across southern Australia) => Austromorium flavigaster

Austromorium flavigaster ANIC32-002561 side 40-web.jpg

  • Body larger (head width > 1.30mm), gaster uniformly coloured dark brown, propodeal lobes large and rounded posteriorly (restricted to coastal plain between approximately Geraldton and Perth, Western Australia) => Austromorium hetericki

Austromorium hetericki ANIC32-051957 HT side 25-Antwiki.jpg


  1. Shattuck,S.O. (2009) Austromorium, a new myrmicine ant genus from Australia (Hymenoptera: Formicidae). Zootaxa, 2198, 62–68.