Key to Australian Syllophopsis species

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The following key to Australian Syllophopsis is based on Heterick (2001)[1] with modifications by Brian Heterick and Steve Shattuck.


  • Promesonotum distinctly humped, mesopleuron shining with little or no sculpturing => Syllophopsis australica
  • Promesonotum flattened posteriad, mesopleuron and lateral surfaces of propodeum usually microreticulate => 2


  • Mesopleuron shining and unsculptured (series from Cannon Vale, Qld) => Undescribed species
  • Mesopleuron matt and microreticulate => possibly Syllophopsis sechellensis but identification needs confirmation


  1. Heterick, B. E. (2001). Revision of the Australian ants of the genus Monomorium (Hymenoptera:Formicidae). Invertebrate Taxonomy 15:353–459.