Key to Australian Ectomomyrmex Species

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The following key to Australian Ectomomyrmex workers is based on the unpublished work of Steve Shattuck.

  • Body larger, head width > 1.6mm; posterior margin of head concave; scapes similar in colour to head; anterior clypeal margin concave medailly => Ectomomyrmex astutus

Pachycondyla astuta casent0179011 head 1.jpg Pachycondyla astuta casent0179011 profile 1.jpg

  • Body smaller, head width < 1.3mm; posterior margin of head flat or nearly so; scapes distinctly lighter in colour than head; anterior clypeal margin with a medial tooth => Ectomomyrmex ruficornis

Pachycondyla ruficornis casent0172434 head 1.jpg Pachycondyla ruficornis casent0172435 profile 1.jpg