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There are nine species in this myrmecophilous genus of Scarabaeidae (Cremastocheilini). The larvae are found in plants. Adults may feed on ants.

List of Genuchinus and their Host Ants
Genus and species Author and Year Host Distribution Notes
Genuchinus ineptus (Horn, 1885) general predator Mexico, United States: Arizona, California
Genuchinus digitatus Krikken, 1981 host unknown Mexico
Genuchinus muzo Krikken, 1981 ? Colombia
Genuchinus moroni Martinez, 1992 host? Brazil
Genuchinus nevermanni Schauer, 1935 host unknown Costa Rica, Panama
Genuchinus parvulus Krikken, 1981 host unknown Brazil
Genuchinus peruanus Moser, 1910 host unknown Peru
Genuchinus sulcipennis Westwood, 1873 host unknown Ecuador
Genuchinus v-notatus Westwood, 1873 host unknown Mexico, Nicaragua