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There are thirty-two species in this myrmecophilous genus of Scarabaeidae (Cremastocheilini) found in China and adjacent regions. Liometopum is a host ant.

List of Clinterocera and their Host Ants
Genus and species Author and Year Ant Host Distribution Notes
Clinterocera anthracina Heller, 1897 ant host unknown Indonesia
Clinterocera barclayi Legrand & Chew, 2010 host unknown Brunei, Indonesia
Clinterocera bicolor Nonfried, 1893 ants India
Clinterocera borneensis Krikken, 1982 host unknown Indonesia
Clintocera brevifasciata Xu & Qiu, 2018 ants China, Vietnam
Clinterocera cervenkai Krajcik, 2012 host unknown China
Clinterocera cruciata Moser, 1901 host unknown Viet Nam
Clinterocera cyprilrusi Legrand & Chew Kea Foo, 2010 host unknown Indonesia, Malaysia
Clinterocera davidis Fairmaire, 1878 Liometopum sinense China, Taiwan, Vietnam
Clinterocera discipennis Fairmaire, 1889 ants China
Clinterocera donckieri Bourgoin, 1924 ants China
Clinterocera heinrichi Krikken, 2016 ants Indonesia: Sulawesi
Clinterocera helleri Fairmaire, 1897 ants China
Clinterocera humeralis Moser, 1902 ants Palearctic
Clinterocera ishikawai Kurosawa, 1973 ants Japan
Clinterocera jucunda Westwood, 1874 ants Laos, Thailand, Vietnam
Clinterocera mandarina Westwood, 1874 ants China, Japan
Clinterocera nigra Kano, 1931 ants Palaearctic
Clinterocera obsoleta Fairmaire, 1878 Tetramorium tsushimae China, North Korea, Russia, South Korea
Clinterocera opaca Fairmaire, 1887 ants China
Clinterocera pilifer Moser, 1921 ants Singapore
Clinterocera pusilla Arrow, 1910 ants India
Clinterocera raui Paulian, 1961 ants China, Laos, Vietnam
Clinterocera rubra Ma, 1992 ants China
Clinterocera rufithorax Moser, 1901 ants Viet Nam
Clinterocera rufiventris Fairmaire, 1904 ants Laos, Vietnam
Clinterocera scabrosa Motschulsky, 1853 ants China
Clinterocera spondylidea Mohnike, 1871 ants Indonesia
Clinterocera trimaculata Ma, 1993 Liometopum sinense China, Vietnam
Clinterocera tuberculata Krajcik, 2011 ants China
Clinterocera vitalisi Bourgoin, 1924 ants Laos
Clinterocera vollenhoveni Westwood, 1874 ants Indonesia, Malaysia
Clinterocera yunnana Moser, 1911 ants China


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