Chrysapace jacobsoni

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Chrysapace jacobsoni
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Hymenoptera
Family: Formicidae
Subfamily: Dorylinae
Genus: Chrysapace
Species: C. jacobsoni
Binomial name
Chrysapace jacobsoni
Crawley, 1924



Specimen Label


Collections of this species have yielded almost all of the scant biological details known for the genus. One collection included habitat information, "primary rainforest, Alluvial closed canopy," and was made from a Malaise-trap pan. A second collection was also from a Malaise trap and a third, a pitfall-trap.


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Distribution based on Regional Taxon Lists

Indo-Australian Region: Borneo, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines (type locality).

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Ovaries of a dealate queen C. jacobsoni collected in Galoka, northern Madagascar. Yolky oocytes and "yellow bodies" are visible in all the ovarioles. Photo by Christian Peeters.


The following information is derived from Barry Bolton's Online Catalogue of the Ants of the World.

  • jacobsoni. Chrysapace jacobsoni Crawley, 1924: 381, fig. 1 (q.) INDONESIA (Sumatra).
    • Type-material: holotype worker.
    • [Note: holotype is a worker, not a queen: Brown, 1975: 58.]
    • Type-locality: Indonesia: Sumatra, Suban Ajam, vii.1916, no. 6 (Benkeulen).
    • Type-depository: BMNH.
    • Brown, 1975: 58 (q.).
    • Combination in Cerapachys (Cerapachys): Chapman & Capco, 1951: 20;
    • combination in Chrysapace: Borowiec, M.L. 2016: 106.
    • Status as species: Chapman & Capco, 1951: 20; Borowiec, M.L. 2016: 106; Yamada, Lin & Eguchi, 2019: 469 (in key).
    • Senior synonym of crawleyi (unnecessary replacement name): Borowiec, M.L. 2016: 106 (by implication).
    • Senior synonym of mirandus: Borowiec, M.L. 2016: 106 (by implication).
    • Distribution: Indonesia (Sumatra), Malaysia (Sarawak), Philippines (Negros).
  • crawleyi. Cerapachys (Chrysapace) crawleyi Wheeler, W.M. 1924d: 225 (in text).
    • Unnecessary replacement name for Chrysapace jacobsoni Crawley, 1924: 381.
    • Status as species: Brown, 1975: 22, 58; Bolton, 1995b: 142; Pfeiffer, et al. 2011: 33.
    • Junior synonym of jacobsoni: Borowiec, M.L. 2016: 106 (by implication).
  • mirandus. Cerapachys mirandus Wheeler, W.M. 1924d: 224 (in text) (ergatoid q.) INDONESIA (Sumatra).
    • Type-material: holotype worker.
    • [Note: holotype is a worker, not an ergatoid queen: Brown, 1975: 58.]
    • Type-locality: Indonesia: S Sumatra, Wai Lima, Lampong (Karny).
    • Type-depository: MCZC.
    • Junior synonym of crawleyi: Brown, 1975: 22; Bolton, 1995b: 144.
    • Junior synonym of jacobsoni: Borowiec, M.L. 2016: 106 (by implication).



References based on Global Ant Biodiversity Informatics

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