Bothroponera pumicosa species complex

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The following is based on: Joma, A.M.A. & Mackay, W.P. 2015. Revision of the African ants of the Bothroponera pumicosa species complex (Hymenoptera: Formicidae: Ponerinae). Sociobiology 62: 538-563 (doi:10.13102/sociobiology.v62i4.845).



Worker: Workers large, head shape excluding mandibles subquadrate or suborbiculate, slightly narrowed anteriorly; posterior border concave; mandibles triangular, shorter than head length, with 7 - 8 teeth, smooth, coarsely punctate or covered with fine striae in some species; anterior medial margin of clypeus convex, with single medial longitudinal carina (clypeal carina) in some species, “v” or “u” shaped margin anteriorly, sharp or blunt; carinal disc rounded, often divided by longitudinal furrow; lower margins of frontal lobes smooth and shiny; scape barely reaches or slightly passes posterior lateral corner of head; compound eyes relatively large; pronotal shoulder rounded anteriorly; basalar sclerite oval or rounded; mesonotum and propodeum fused (dorsal view); mesometapleural suture well developed; propodeum angulate, quadrate or rounded posteriorly, propodeal spiracle elongated; petiole well developed with petiolar spiracles and developed sternopetiolar process; sternopostpetiolar process well developed; metatibial gland absent; generally head punctate or coarsely foveolate; edges and bottom of frontal lobes shiny; head, body, legs, antennae, mandibles shiny or weakly striated; dorsum of pronotum, mesonotum, propodeum, petiole, postpetiole usually more coarsely sculptured than sides; entire body covered with scattered or moderately abundant short or long erect golden hairs, denser on dorsum than on sides and longer on mesosoma than on head; frontal lobes covered with fine hairs; color mostly black or dark brown.

Queens and males are unknown for this group.

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