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There are five myrmecophilous species restricted to Madagascar and the Comoros Islands. Afromicrodon species are recognized among the Microdontinae by them lacking an appendix on vein R4+5, having short antennae about as long as the face or shorter, and a simple basoflagellomere and simple scutellum without calcar. The abdomen is oval.

List of Afromicrodon and their Host Ants
Genus and species Author and Year Ant Host Distribution Notes
Afromicrodon comoroensis (De Meyer, De Bruyn & Janssons, 1990) ants Comoros Islands
Afromicrodon johannae (van Doesburg, 1957) ants Madagascar
Afromicrodon luciferus (Hull, 1941) ants Madagascar
Afromicrodon madecassa (Keiser, 1971) ants Madagascar
Afromicrodon stuckenbergi (Keiser, 1971) ants Madagascar