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  • Formiche del veneto.jpg
    La formiche del Veneto. The ants of Veneto. Antonio Scupola (WBA). A field guide for the ants of Veneto, Italy. This excellent book not only provides information that can be useful to a naturalist interested in ants, it is also a great resource for biologists and myrmecologists that want to study ants in this region of Italy. The book includes general information about ant morphology and biology, keys (in Italian and English) and species accounts.
  • Pinkalski et al. (2017) have discovered that coffee leaves are able to take up nitrogen from ant faecal droplets of Oecophylla smaragdina left on the leaf surfaces. The abundance of ant foragers on tropical vegetation suggests if this mechanism of foliar nitrogen uptake operates across many plants species, it could represent a highly significant provider of key nutrients for plants.
A major worker/soldier with swollen abdomen (food storage), minors, and brood of Carebara jajoby (Image by Christian Peeters).
An image from the 2018 revision of the Carebara of the Malagasy Region by Azore and Fisher. [1].

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