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There are six species in this myrmecophilous genus of Histeridae. All are from the New World and are found in ant nests.

List of Ulkeus and their Host Ants
Genus and species Author and Year Ant Host Distribution Notes
Ulkeus discrepans (Reichensperger, 1939) ants Costa Rica
Ulkeus gratianus (Bruch, 1926) Neivamyrmex pseudops Argentina, Brazil
Ulkeus henrici (Reichensperger, 1939) Neivamyrmex alfaroi Costa Rica
Ulkeus intricatus Horn, 1885 Neivamyrmex opacithorax USA: Arizona, Kansas, New Mexico, North Carolina, Texas
Ulkeus pheidoliphilus (Bruch, 1930) Pheidole strobeli Argentina
Ulkeus sahlbergi (Schmidt, 1893) ants Brazil