Taxa Described in 1900

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The following 5 genera were described in 1900 (see all years)

Taxon Name Subfamily Tribe Author Type Species Fossil Fossil Age Species Count Notes
Aneleus Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Emery Solenopsis similis, now Carebara similis Synonym, see Carebara
Brachyponera Ponerinae Ponerini Emery Euponera (Brachyponera) croceicornis, now Brachyponera croceicornis 24
Mesoponera Ponerinae Ponerini Emery Ponera melanaria, now Mesoponera melanaria 27
Pseudoponera Ponerinae Ponerini Emery Ponera quadridentata, now Pseudoponera stigma 6
Rhopalomastix Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Forel Rhopalomastix rothneyi 11

The following 223 species/subspecies were described in 1900 (see all years)

Taxon Name Subfamily Tribe Genus Species Subspecies Author Type Locality Country Fossil Fossil Age Notes
Acropyga crassicornis Formicinae Plagiolepidini Acropyga crassicornis Emery Synonym, see Acropyga acutiventris
Acropyga oceanica Formicinae Plagiolepidini Acropyga oceanica Emery New Guinea
Aenictus aratus Dorylinae Aenictus aratus Forel Australia
Aenictus binghami Dorylinae Aenictus binghami Forel Myanmar
Aenictus cornutus Dorylinae Aenictus cornutus Forel Borneo
Aenictus currax Dorylinae Aenictus currax Emery Papua New Guinea
Aenictus turneri Dorylinae Aenictus turneri Forel Australia
Anochetus kanariensis Ponerinae Ponerini Anochetus kanariensis Forel India
Anochetus punctiventris taylori Ponerinae Ponerini Anochetus punctiventris taylori Forel Synonym, see Anochetus graeffei
Anochetus risii Ponerinae Ponerini Anochetus risii Forel Taiwan
Anochetus sedilloti indicus Ponerinae Ponerini Anochetus sedilloti indicus Forel Synonym, see Anochetus sedilloti
Anochetus turneri Ponerinae Ponerini Anochetus turneri Forel Australia
Anochetus yerburyi Ponerinae Ponerini Anochetus yerburyi Forel Sri Lanka
Anoplolepis steingroeveri gertrudae Formicinae Plagiolepidini Anoplolepis steingroeveri gertrudae Forel Réunion
Aphaenogaster dromedaria Myrmicinae Attini Aphaenogaster dromedaria Emery New Guinea
Aphaenogaster feae imbellis Myrmicinae Attini Aphaenogaster feae imbellis Emery Indonesia
Belonopelta darwinii indica Forel Ponerinae Ponerini Parvaponera darwinii indica Forel Synonym, see Parvaponera darwinii indica
Bothroponera sulcata fossulata Ponerinae Ponerini Bothroponera sulcata fossulata Forel India
Bothroponera sulcata sulcatotesserinoda Ponerinae Ponerini Bothroponera sulcata sulcatotesserinoda Forel India
Brachyponera croceicornis Ponerinae Ponerini Brachyponera croceicornis Emery Australia
Brachyponera jerdonii Ponerinae Ponerini Brachyponera jerdonii Forel India
Camponotus exsectus Formicinae Camponotini Camponotus exsectus Emery Indonesia
Camponotus festinus eximius Formicinae Camponotini Camponotus festinus eximius Emery Indonesia
Camponotus irritans curtus Formicinae Camponotini Camponotus irritans curtus Emery Indonesia
Camponotus rufifemur Formicinae Camponotini Camponotus rufifemur Emery Indonesia
Carebara affinis minor Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Carebara affinis minor Emery New Guinea
Carebara atoma Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Carebara atoma Emery Papua New Guinea
Carebara crassiuscula Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Carebara crassiuscula Emery Papua New Guinea
Carebara minima Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Carebara minima Emery New Guinea
Carebara subreptor Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Carebara subreptor Emery New Guinea
Centromyrmex feae ceylonicus Ponerinae Ponerini Centromyrmex feae ceylonicus Forel Sri Lanka
Colobopsis horripilus Formicinae Camponotini Colobopsis horripilus Emery Indonesia
Colobopsis vitrea praerufa Formicinae Camponotini Colobopsis vitrea praerufa Emery Indonesia
Crematogaster biroi Emery Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Crematogaster biroi Emery Homonym, see Crematogaster emeryi
Crematogaster enneamera Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Crematogaster enneamera Emery New Guinea
Crematogaster flavitarsis Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Crematogaster flavitarsis Emery New Guinea
Crematogaster irritabilis leguilloui Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Crematogaster irritabilis leguilloui Emery New Guinea
Crematogaster modiglianii Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Crematogaster modiglianii Emery Indonesia
Crematogaster mucronata Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Crematogaster mucronata Emery Indonesia
Crematogaster osakensis Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Crematogaster osakensis Forel Japan
Crematogaster tumidula Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Crematogaster tumidula Emery Indonesia
Cryptopone fusciceps Ponerinae Ponerini Cryptopone fusciceps Emery New Guinea
Cyphomyrmex wheeleri Myrmicinae Attini Cyphomyrmex wheeleri Forel United States
Diacamma palawanicum Ponerinae Ponerini Diacamma palawanicum Emery Philippines
Diacamma rugosum rothneyi Ponerinae Ponerini Diacamma rugosum rothneyi Forel India
Diacamma violaceum Ponerinae Ponerini Diacamma violaceum Forel Myanmar
Dolichoderus carbonarius latisquamis Dolichoderinae Dolichoderini Dolichoderus carbonarius latisquamis Emery Indonesia
Dolichoderus modiglianii Dolichoderinae Dolichoderini Dolichoderus modiglianii Emery Indonesia
Dolichoderus modiglianii rubescens Dolichoderinae Dolichoderini Dolichoderus modiglianii rubescens Emery Synonym, see Dolichoderus modiglianii
Dolichoderus patens pubiventris Dolichoderinae Dolichoderini Dolichoderus patens pubiventris Emery Indonesia
Eciton commutatum Dorylinae Neivamyrmex commutatum Emery Synonym, see Neivamyrmex punctaticeps
Eciton westwoodi Dorylinae Labidus westwoodi Emery Synonym, see Labidus praedator
Ectatomma bicolor minor Ectatomminae Ectatommini Gnamptogenys bicolor minor Forel Synonym, see Gnamptogenys bicolor
Ectatomma convexum spatiatum Ectatomminae Ectatommini Rhytidoponera convexum spatiatum Forel Synonym, see Rhytidoponera maniae
Ectatomma metallicum cristulatum Ectatomminae Ectatommini Rhytidoponera metallicum cristulatum Forel Synonym, see Rhytidoponera tasmaniensis
Ectatomma metallicum obscurum Ectatomminae Ectatommini Rhytidoponera metallicum obscurum Forel Homonym, see Rhytidoponera clarki
Ectatomma metallicum scrobiculatum Ectatomminae Ectatommini Rhytidoponera metallicum scrobiculatum Forel Synonym, see Rhytidoponera victoriae
Ectatomma rothneyi Ectatomminae Ectatommini Rhytidoponera rothneyi Forel Synonym, see Rhytidoponera nodifera
Ectomomyrmex acutus Ponerinae Ponerini Ectomomyrmex acutus Emery New Guinea
Ectomomyrmex annamitus arcuatus Ponerinae Ponerini Ectomomyrmex annamitus arcuatus Forel India
Ectomomyrmex javanus maternus Ponerinae Ponerini Ectomomyrmex javanus maternus Forel Synonym, see Ectomomyrmex javanus
Ectomomyrmex modiglianii Ponerinae Ponerini Ectomomyrmex modiglianii Emery Indonesia
Ectomomyrmex obtusus Ponerinae Ponerini Ectomomyrmex obtusus Emery Borneo
Euprenolepis procera Formicinae Lasiini Euprenolepis procera Emery Indonesia
Eusphinctus taylori Dorylinae Eusphinctus taylori Forel India
Formica fusca nipponensis Formicinae Formicini Formica fusca nipponensis Forel Synonym, see Formica japonica
Gnamptogenys binghamii Ectatomminae Ectatommini Gnamptogenys binghamii Forel Malaysia
Gnamptogenys cribrata Ectatomminae Ectatommini Gnamptogenys cribrata Emery New Guinea
Hypoponera aitkenii Ponerinae Ponerini Hypoponera aitkenii Forel India
Hypoponera biroi Ponerinae Ponerini Hypoponera biroi Emery New Guinea
Hypoponera convexiuscula Ponerinae Ponerini Hypoponera convexiuscula Forel Australia
Hypoponera elliptica Ponerinae Ponerini Hypoponera elliptica Forel Australia
Hypoponera mackayensis Ponerinae Ponerini Hypoponera mackayensis Forel Australia
Hypoponera pallidula Ponerinae Ponerini Hypoponera pallidula Emery New Guinea
Hypoponera papuana Ponerinae Ponerini Hypoponera papuana Emery New Guinea
Hypoponera pruinosa Ponerinae Ponerini Hypoponera pruinosa Emery New Guinea
Hypoponera queenslandensis Ponerinae Ponerini Hypoponera queenslandensis Forel Australia
Hypoponera wroughtonii Ponerinae Ponerini Hypoponera wroughtonii Forel India
Iridomyrmex itoi Dolichoderinae Leptomyrmecini Ochetellus itoi Forel Synonym, see Ochetellus glaber
Ischnomyrmex dromedarius fusca Myrmicinae Stenammini Aphaenogaster dromedarius fusca Emery Synonym, see Aphaenogaster dromedaria
Labidus curvipes Dorylinae Labidus curvipes Emery Costa Rica
Lasius niger sitkaensis Formicinae Lasiini Lasius niger sitkaensis Pergande Synonym, see Lasius pallitarsis
Leptogenys adlerzi Ponerinae Ponerini Leptogenys adlerzi Forel Australia
Leptogenys assamensis Ponerinae Ponerini Leptogenys assamensis Forel India
Leptogenys bidentata Ponerinae Ponerini Leptogenys bidentata Forel Australia
Leptogenys binghamii Ponerinae Ponerini Leptogenys binghamii Forel Myanmar
Leptogenys birmana Ponerinae Ponerini Leptogenys birmana Forel Myanmar
Leptogenys conigera mutans Ponerinae Ponerini Leptogenys conigera mutans Forel Synonym, see Leptogenys conigera
Leptogenys dalyi Ponerinae Ponerini Leptogenys dalyi Forel India
Leptogenys dentilobis Ponerinae Ponerini Leptogenys dentilobis Forel India
Leptogenys diminuta hodgsoni Ponerinae Ponerini Leptogenys diminuta hodgsoni Forel Synonym, see Leptogenys diminuta
Leptogenys diminuta palliseri Ponerinae Ponerini Leptogenys diminuta palliseri Forel India
Leptogenys fortior Ponerinae Ponerini Leptogenys fortior Forel Australia
Leptogenys hysterica Ponerinae Ponerini Leptogenys hysterica Forel Sri Lanka
Leptogenys kitteli altisquamis Ponerinae Ponerini Leptogenys kitteli altisquamis Forel Myanmar
Leptogenys kitteli minor Ponerinae Ponerini Leptogenys kitteli minor Forel India
Leptogenys magna Ponerinae Ponerini Leptogenys magna Forel Australia
Leptogenys minchinii Ponerinae Ponerini Leptogenys minchinii Forel Synonym, see Leptogenys peuqueti
Leptogenys modiglianii Ponerinae Ponerini Leptogenys modiglianii Emery Indonesia
Leptogenys parvula Ponerinae Ponerini Leptogenys parvula Emery Indonesia
Leptogenys pruinosa Ponerinae Ponerini Leptogenys pruinosa Forel Sri Lanka
Leptogenys roberti Ponerinae Ponerini Leptogenys roberti Forel India
Leptogenys roberti coonoorensis Ponerinae Ponerini Leptogenys roberti coonoorensis Forel India
Leptogenys sarasinorum Ponerinae Ponerini Leptogenys sarasinorum Forel Sri Lanka
Leptogenys turneri Ponerinae Ponerini Leptogenys turneri Forel Australia
Leptogenys watsoni Ponerinae Ponerini Leptogenys watsoni Forel Synonym, see Leptogenys peuqueti
Leptogenys yerburyi Ponerinae Ponerini Leptogenys yerburyi Forel Sri Lanka
Leptomyrmex niger Dolichoderinae Leptomyrmecini Leptomyrmex niger Emery New Guinea
Leptothorax yankee kincaidi Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Leptothorax yankee kincaidi Pergande Synonym, see Leptothorax muscorum
Lioponera longitarsus parva Dorylinae Lioponera longitarsus parva Forel Synonym, see Lioponera longitarsus
Lioponera singularis Dorylinae Lioponera singularis Forel Australia
Mesoponera australis Ponerinae Ponerini Mesoponera australis Forel Australia
Myopias bidens Ponerinae Ponerini Myopias bidens Emery Indonesia
Myopias maligna punctigera Ponerinae Ponerini Myopias maligna punctigera Emery Indonesia
Myopias modiglianii Ponerinae Ponerini Myopias modiglianii Emery Indonesia
Myopias tenuis Ponerinae Ponerini Myopias tenuis Emery Papua New Guinea
Myopias xiphias Ponerinae Ponerini Myopias xiphias Emery New Guinea
Myrmecia aberrans Myrmeciinae Myrmeciini Myrmecia aberrans Forel Australia
Myrmecia infima Myrmeciinae Myrmeciini Myrmecia infima Forel Australia
Myrmecina undulata Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Myrmecina undulata Emery Indonesia
Myrmica lobifrons Myrmicinae Myrmicini Myrmica lobifrons Pergande United States
Myrmicaria arachnoides lutea Myrmicinae Solenopsidini Myrmicaria arachnoides lutea Emery Indonesia
Myrmicaria arachnoides luteiventris Myrmicinae Solenopsidini Myrmicaria arachnoides luteiventris Emery Indonesia
Myrmicaria melanogaster Myrmicinae Solenopsidini Myrmicaria melanogaster Emery Borneo
Neivamyrmex falciferus Dorylinae Neivamyrmex falciferus Emery Bolivia
Neivamyrmex imbellis Dorylinae Neivamyrmex imbellis Emery Peru
Neivamyrmex leptognathus Dorylinae Neivamyrmex leptognathus Emery Bolivia
Neivamyrmex maxillosus Dorylinae Neivamyrmex maxillosus Emery Brazil
Neivamyrmex physognathus Dorylinae Neivamyrmex physognathus Emery Bolivia
Neivamyrmex radoszkowskii Dorylinae Neivamyrmex radoszkowskii Emery Peru
Neivamyrmex shuckardi Dorylinae Neivamyrmex shuckardi Emery Paraguay
Odontomachus latidens sumatranus Ponerinae Ponerini Odontomachus latidens sumatranus Emery Synonym, see Odontomachus procerus
Odontomachus monticola longi Ponerinae Ponerini Odontomachus monticola longi Forel Synonym, see Odontomachus monticola
Odontomachus monticola punctulatus Ponerinae Ponerini Odontomachus monticola punctulatus Forel Synonym, see Odontomachus monticola
Odontomachus rixosus obscurior Ponerinae Ponerini Odontomachus rixosus obscurior Forel Synonym, see Odontomachus rixosus
Odontomachus ruficeps acutidens Ponerinae Ponerini Odontomachus ruficeps acutidens Forel Synonym, see Odontomachus ruficeps
Odontomachus turneri Ponerinae Ponerini Odontomachus turneri Forel Australia
Ooceraea australis Dorylinae Ooceraea australis Forel Australia
Paraparatrechina opaca metallescens Formicinae Lasiini Paraparatrechina opaca metallescens Emery Indonesia
Parasyscia aitkenii Dorylinae Parasyscia aitkenii Forel India
Pheidole cervicornis Myrmicinae Attini Pheidole cervicornis Emery New Guinea
Pheidole cryptocera Myrmicinae Attini Pheidole cryptocera Emery New Guinea
Pheidole elisae Myrmicinae Attini Pheidole elisae Emery Indonesia
Pheidole fuscula Myrmicinae Attini Pheidole fuscula Emery New Guinea
Pheidole ghigii Myrmicinae Attini Pheidole ghigii Emery Indonesia
Pheidole laminata Myrmicinae Attini Pheidole laminata Emery New Guinea
Pheidole lobulata Myrmicinae Attini Pheidole lobulata Emery New Guinea
Pheidole modiglianii Myrmicinae Attini Pheidole modiglianii Emery Indonesia
Pheidole quadrensis Myrmicinae Attini Pheidole quadrensis Forel Indonesia
Pheidole quadricuspis Myrmicinae Attini Pheidole quadricuspis Emery Indonesia
Pheidole rehi Myrmicinae Attini Pheidole rehi Forel Synonym, see Pheidole schmalzi
Pheidole rinae Myrmicinae Attini Pheidole rinae Emery Indonesia
Pheidole sexspinosa biroi Myrmicinae Attini Pheidole sexspinosa biroi Emery New Guinea
Pheidole sexspinosa fuscescens Myrmicinae Attini Pheidole sexspinosa fuscescens Emery New Guinea
Pheidole singaporensis conicollis Myrmicinae Attini Pheidole singaporensis conicollis Emery Indonesia
Pheidole umbonata fusciventris Myrmicinae Attini Pheidole umbonata fusciventris Emery New Guinea
Platythyrea sagei Ponerinae Platythyreini Platythyrea sagei Forel India
Platythyrea subtilis Ponerinae Platythyreini Platythyrea subtilis Emery Synonym, see Platythyrea parallela
Platythyrea tricuspidata Ponerinae Platythyreini Platythyrea tricuspidata Emery Indonesia
Platythyrea wroughtoni victoriae Ponerinae Platythyreini Platythyrea wroughtoni victoriae Forel Synonym, see Platythyrea parallela
Platythyrea wroughtonii Ponerinae Platythyreini Platythyrea wroughtonii Forel Synonym, see Platythyrea parallela
Polyrhachis argenteosignata Formicinae Camponotini Polyrhachis argenteosignata Emery New Guinea
Polyrhachis atrovirens Formicinae Camponotini Polyrhachis atrovirens Emery Indonesia
Polyrhachis basirufa Formicinae Camponotini Polyrhachis basirufa Emery Indonesia
Polyrhachis calliope Formicinae Camponotini Polyrhachis calliope Emery New Guinea
Polyrhachis chartifex Formicinae Camponotini Polyrhachis chartifex Emery New Guinea
Polyrhachis croceiventris Formicinae Camponotini Polyrhachis croceiventris Emery New Guinea
Polyrhachis edentula Formicinae Camponotini Polyrhachis edentula Emery Indonesia
Polyrhachis elii Formicinae Camponotini Polyrhachis elii Emery Indonesia
Polyrhachis erosispina Formicinae Camponotini Polyrhachis erosispina Emery New Guinea
Polyrhachis fornicata Formicinae Camponotini Polyrhachis fornicata Emery Indonesia
Polyrhachis gestroi Formicinae Camponotini Polyrhachis gestroi Emery Indonesia
Polyrhachis heinlethii papuana Formicinae Camponotini Polyrhachis heinlethii papuana Emery New Guinea
Polyrhachis laciniata Formicinae Camponotini Polyrhachis laciniata Emery New Guinea
Polyrhachis nigropilosa conophthalma Formicinae Camponotini Polyrhachis nigropilosa conophthalma Emery Synonym, see Polyrhachis nigropilosa
Polyrhachis orsyllus subcarinata Formicinae Camponotini Polyrhachis orsyllus subcarinata Emery Synonym, see Polyrhachis carbonaria
Polyrhachis retrorsa Formicinae Camponotini Polyrhachis retrorsa Emery Indonesia
Polyrhachis saevissima chrysophanes Formicinae Camponotini Polyrhachis saevissima chrysophanes Emery Indonesia (Tanimbar Is)
Polyrhachis schang cnemidata Formicinae Camponotini Polyrhachis schang cnemidata Emery Indonesia
Polyrhachis semitestacea Formicinae Camponotini Polyrhachis semitestacea Emery New Guinea
Polyrhachis simillima Formicinae Camponotini Polyrhachis simillima Emery Indonesia
Polyrhachis subtridens Formicinae Camponotini Polyrhachis subtridens Emery Indonesia
Polyrhachis tibialis parsis Formicinae Camponotini Polyrhachis tibialis parsis Emery India
Ponera andrei Ponerinae Ponerini Hypoponera andrei Emery Synonym, see Hypoponera opaciceps
Ponera clavicornis Ponerinae Ponerini Ponera clavicornis Emery Papua New Guinea
Ponera mocsaryi Ponerinae Ponerini Hypoponera mocsaryi Emery Synonym, see Hypoponera pruinosa
Ponera selenophora Ponerinae Ponerini Ponera selenophora Emery Papua New Guinea
Ponera tenuis Ponerinae Ponerini Ponera tenuis Emery Papua New Guinea
Prenolepis subopaca Formicinae Lasiini Prenolepis subopaca Emery Indonesia
Pristomyrmex bicolor Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Pristomyrmex bicolor Emery Indonesia
Pristomyrmex japonicus Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Pristomyrmex japonicus Forel Synonym, see Pristomyrmex punctatus
Pseudoneoponera dubitata Ponerinae Ponerini Pseudoneoponera dubitata Forel Australia
Pseudoneoponera excavata acuticostata Ponerinae Ponerini Pseudoneoponera excavata acuticostata Forel Australia
Pseudoneoponera piliventris intermedia Ponerinae Ponerini Pseudoneoponera piliventris intermedia Forel Australia
Pseudoneoponera sublaevis reticulata Ponerinae Ponerini Pseudoneoponera sublaevis reticulata Forel Australia
Rhopalomastix rothneyi Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Rhopalomastix rothneyi Forel India
Rhytidoponera aenescens Ectatomminae Ectatommini Rhytidoponera aenescens Emery New Guinea
Rhytidoponera inops Ectatomminae Ectatommini Rhytidoponera inops Emery New Guinea
Rhytidoponera maniae Ectatomminae Ectatommini Rhytidoponera maniae Forel Australia
Rhytidoponera punctiventris Ectatomminae Ectatommini Rhytidoponera punctiventris Forel Australia
Rhytidoponera rufescens Ectatomminae Ectatommini Rhytidoponera rufescens Forel Australia
Rhytidoponera tenuis Ectatomminae Ectatommini Rhytidoponera tenuis Forel Australia
Sima allaborans sumatrensis Pseudomyrmecinae Tetraponera allaborans sumatrensis Emery Synonym, see Tetraponera allaborans
Sima attenuata tenuissima Pseudomyrmecinae Tetraponera attenuata tenuissima Emery Synonym, see Tetraponera attenuata
Sima brevicornis Pseudomyrmecinae Tetraponera brevicornis Emery Synonym, see Tetraponera nitida
Sima humerosa Pseudomyrmecinae Tetraponera humerosa Emery Synonym, see Tetraponera laeviceps
Solenopsis maxillosa Myrmicinae Solenopsidini Solenopsis maxillosa Emery New Guinea
Solenopsis papuana Myrmicinae Solenopsidini Solenopsis papuana Emery New Guinea
Sphinctomyrmex fallax Dorylinae Zasphinctus fallax Forel Synonym, see Zasphinctus steinheili
Stictoponera borneensis Ectatomminae Ectatommini Gnamptogenys borneensis Emery Synonym, see Gnamptogenys binghamii
Stigmatomma bellii Amblyoponinae Stigmatomma bellii Forel India
Stigmatomma rothneyi Amblyoponinae Amblyoponini Stigmatomma rothneyi Forel India
Syscia australis edentata Dorylinae Ooceraea australis edentata Forel Synonym, see Ooceraea australis
Tapinoma setiferum Dolichoderinae Technomyrmex setiferum Emery Synonym, see Technomyrmex pratensis
Technomyrmex modiglianii Dolichoderinae Technomyrmex modiglianii Emery Indonesia
Technomyrmex sundaicus Dolichoderinae Technomyrmex sundaicus Emery Indonesia
Tetraponera crassiuscula Pseudomyrmecinae Tetraponera crassiuscula Emery Indonesia
Tetraponera difficilis Pseudomyrmecinae Tetraponera difficilis Emery Indonesia
Triglyphothrix striatidens laevidens Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Tetramorium striatidens laevidens Forel Synonym, see Tetramorium lanuginosum
Vollenhovia modiglianii Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Vollenhovia modiglianii Emery Indonesia
Zasphinctus froggatti Dorylinae Zasphinctus froggatti Forel Australia
Zasphinctus steinheili Dorylinae Zasphinctus steinheili Forel Australia
Zasphinctus turneri Dorylinae Zasphinctus turneri Forel Australia