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  • ...ersonal communication) to be excruciatingly painful, much more so than any of the other species encountered by Dr. Blum in South America or in his experi ...thia]]'' and ''[[Solenopsis metallica]]'' in both coloration and sculpture of the head. Both ''S. pythia'' and ''S. metallica'' have other derived charac
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  • ...northeast Mississippi and northwest Alabama as well as the tidewater area of Virginia. But even there, "pure" ''S. richteri'' seems rare and most popula ...rthern range of the species in southern Brazil. This is probably the point of origin for the United States population.
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  • ..., California, Australia, New Zealand, and southern China. The probability of new invasions is therefore quite high and ''S. invicta'' must be considered ...ut other governments have more recently begun research and control efforts of their own.
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