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  • ...les await discovery and for many the nature of the relationship with their host is unknown. ...le:Maculinea rebell.jpg|thumb|right|300px|Mountain Alcon Blue (''Phengaris rebeli'')]]
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  • There are a number of butterflies that live at least part of their life in close association with ant species. ...s of the family Lycaenidae may have an association with ants at some stage of their development (Pierce, 1987; Fiedler, 1996, 2006).
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  • ...orsal plane of scape, and by a somewhat narrower frons. However, the males of these two species are practically indistinguishable. ...thern Kazakhstan, Altai Mts.; all previous records of ''M. sabuleti'' east of Ural Mts. belong to ''M. Zonae'' (see Radchenko 1994d).
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  • Host for the Mountain Alcon Blue (''Phengaris rebeli'') butterfly. ...' quite often was confused with ''[[Myrmica lobicornis]]'', though workers of the latter have the wider frons (FI > 0.27), shorter propodeal spines, and
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  • A host to the Large Blue butterfly (''Phengaris arion''). ...]'', ''[[Myrmica vandeli]]'' and ''[[Myrmica bibikoffi]]'', by the absence of long erect to suberect hairs on the head margins.
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  • ...rugulosa'' are much smaller and the length of the second funicular segment of males is subequal to the third whereas in ''M. gallienii'' males it is > l. ...sal area. Antennal scapes sharply but evenly bent near base, without trace of an angular projection or process. Frontal triangle mostly smooth but partly
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  • A widespread species that forms small colonies of 200-300 workers. ...tures can be very variable between local populations and can overlap those of ''schencki''-group species.
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  • ...y of its earlier names), though quite possibly some of the earlier studies of ''M. scabrinodis'' might have been made on ''M. specioides''. It has recent ...rugulosa]]'' and some others). The taxonomy of this species has a history of confusion and is not yet finally resolved, we would not be surprised if mod
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  • A wide ranging species that occurs in a variety of habitats. ...ll forms that cannot be clearly discriminated by a combination of features of all three castes. Even now, we suppose that “''M. scabrinodis''” includ
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  • A widespread transpalaearctic species that can be common in a variety of habitats. ...on between the two species in the field is to examine the length and shape of the spines (seen in profile) with a x10 hand lens.
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