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  • |diversity_link = :category:List of species ...nus ''Pheidole'' has few new species to be described and that the taxonomy of the group is definitively complete.
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  • ...ica''). Creighton (1958) reports that colonies are much smaller than those of the closely related ''[[Pheidole hirtula]]'', and that in southern Arizona ...projects above the level of the pronotum and propodeum. The dorsal surface of the gaster is finely punctate. (Mackay and Mackay 2002)
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  • ...humid subtropical tall forest, and the Ecuadorian record is from the edge of a second growth rainforest. The single nest series, collected by Phil Ward ...' lacks the yellow-tipped funiculus. The lack of erect hairs on the dorsum of the mesosoma would separate ''N. obscuricornis'' from the similar ''[[Neopo
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