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  • ...of this species is that workers maintain a vertical fissure near the base of the tree, far below the carton nest. Workers can move freely inside the tru ...le the posteroventral lobe is relatively deep and strongly convex. Workers of ''A. xanthochroa'' are the reverse, with relatively taller node and shallow
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  • |diversity_link = :category:List of species ...e ants to use their remarkable spatulate sting for the topical application of their venom – which apparently is efficient in repelling, if not killing
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  • This is an inconspicuous species with small colonies of a few dozen workers. Their nests can be common nesting in disturbed areas, ...nosa'' but differing in details of sculpture and pilosity. The type worker of ''curvispinosa'' is headless, but it is clearly the widespread species I ha
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