Phylogeny of Leptomyrmex

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Relationships among selected species of the ant genus Leptomyrmex based on Lucky 2011[1].

From the abstract: "Monophyly of the genus Leptomyrmex was recovered, as was the sister-group relationship of ‘micro-’ and ‘macro-’ Leptomyrmex species. Divergence dating analyses estimate that Leptomyrmex arose in the Eocene (stem age ~44 million years ago (ma)), and that the ‘macro-’ species diverged from the ‘micro-’ species in the early Oligocene (~31 ma). Diversification of the crown group ‘macro-’ and ‘micro-’ Leptomyrmex occurred in the Miocene (~15 ma and 7.9 ma, respectively). New Guinea and New Caledonian lineages appear to have diverged from Australian lineages only recently (~4.7 ma and 10.3 ma, respectively), and the latter clade is inferred to have reached New Caledonia from Australia via long distance dispersal."

For relationships among the genera of the Dolichoderinae (to which Leptomyrmex belongs) see Phylogeny of Dolichoderinae.


Leptomyrmex burwelli

Leptomyrmex dolichoscapus

Leptomyrmex garretti


Leptomyrmex wiburdi

Leptomyrmex cnemidatus

Leptomyrmex erythrocephalus

Leptomyrmex nigriventris

Leptomyrmex tibialis

Leptomyrmex geniculatus

Leptomyrmex nigriceps

Leptomyrmex pallens

Leptomyrmex rufithorax

Leptomyrmex rothneyi

Leptomyrmex rufipes

Leptomyrmex ruficeps

Leptomyrmex mjobergi

Leptomyrmex varians

Leptomyrmex unicolor

Leptomyrmex darlingtoni

Leptomyrmex fragilis

Leptomyrmex niger

Leptomyrmex flavitarsus

Leptomyrmex puberulus


  1. Lucky, A. (2011). Molecular phylogeny and biogeography of the spider ants, genus Leptomyrmex Mayr (Hymenoptera: Formicidae). Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 59, 281-292.