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Temporal range: 50.3–0 Ma
Eocene – Recent
Myrmica rubra
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Hymenoptera
Family: Formicidae
Subfamily: Myrmicinae
Tribe: Myrmicini
Genus: Myrmica
Latreille, 1804
Type species
Formica rubra, now Myrmica rubra
210 species
12 fossil species
(Species Checklist)

Myrmica rubra casent0010684 profile 1.jpg

Myrmica rubra

Myrmica rubra casent0010684 dorsal 1.jpg

Specimen Label


A common and abundant element of Holoartic ant faunas, especially at higher latitudes.

Evolutionary Relationships

  (6 species)

  (210 species)

  (3 genera)

  (7 genera)

  (21 genera)

  (31 genera)

  (63 genera)

Based on Ward et al., 2014


Eguchi, Bui and Yamane (2011) - The worker of Myrmica is somewhat similar to those of Aphaenogaster (see under Aphaenogaster) and Tetramorium. However, in the worker of Tetramorium, the tibial spurs of the middle and hind legs are simple or absent, and the apex of sting bears a small lamellate appendage.

Species groups have proven useful to help organize the often difficult to determine species into more manageable subsets of species. Diagnostic treatments of these groups, and list of species assigned to each group, for many Myrmica species are found here: Myrmica Species Groups. This page does not provide coverage of the North American Myrmica fauna. Some contemporary, albeit preliminary, species group work for North American Myrmica species is found here: Myrmica Species Groups of North America

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Numerous European species are parasitized by Phengaris butterflies. Maturing caterpillars of various species move into the nests of certain Myrmica species and prey on ant brood. They are also able to solicit food from and be fed via trophallaxis.

In Missouri, USA, a Myrmica species (species uncertain) was found as a slave within a nest of Formica rubicunda.


Eguchi, Bui and Yamane (2011) - Myrmica species have so far been found exclusively in the mountains of Fan Si Pan above approximately 1,700 m alt. They inhabit sparse to well-developed forests and nest in rotting logs, wood fragments, under stones, in soil around tree bases, etc. Workers forage on the ground and lower vegetation.



Worker Morphology

 • Antennal segment count 12 • Antennal club 3-4 • Palp formula 6,4 • Total dental count 6-10 • Spur formula 1 simple-pectinate, 1 simple-pectinate;0, 0 • Sting present

Male Morphology

 • Antennal segment count 12-13 • Antennal club 4-5; gradual-3 in some social parasites • Palp formula 6,4 • Total dental count 3-8 • Spur formula 1 barbulate-pectinate, 1 barbulate-pectinate; 0, 1 barbulate-pectinate; 0, 0


All Records for Genus

All Karyotype Records for Genus

Explore Karyotype Data: All, Drilldown
Taxon Haploid Diploid Karyotype Locality Source Notes
Myrmica lobicornis 24 Hauschteck-Jungen & Jungen, 1983
Myrmica rubra 48 Switzerland Hauschteck-Jungen & Jungen, 1983 as ''Myrmica laevinodis''
Myrmica rubra 23 46 Japan Imai, 1969
Myrmica ruginodis 48 Switzerland Hauschteck, 1965
Myrmica ruginodis 24 Switzerland Hauschteck-Jungen & Jungen, 1983
Myrmica sabuleti 46 Switzerland Hauschteck, 1965
Myrmica sabuleti 23 Switzerland Hauschteck-Jungen & Jungen, 1983
Myrmica scabrinodis 22 44 Switzerland Hauschteck, 1965
Myrmica schencki 23 46 Switzerland Hauschteck-Jungen & Jungen, 1983
Myrmica sulcinodis 24 Switzerland Crozier, 1975 2n=24 is probably a mistake
Myrmica sulcinodis 28 56 Switzerland Hauschteck, 1965; Hauschteck-Jungen & Jungen, 1983
Myrmicaria 44 Indonesia Imai et al., 1985
Myrmicaria 44 Malaysia Goni et al., 1982
Myrmicaria 44 Malaysia Goni et al., 1982; Imai et al., 1983
Myrmicaria 23 46 Malaysia Imai et al., 1983
Myrmicaria brunnea 44 24M+20A India Imai et al., 1984 The photo is the ''Myrmicaria brunnea subcarinata''


The following information is derived from Barry Bolton's New General Catalogue, a catalogue of the world's ants.

  • MYRMICA [Myrmicinae: Myrmicini]
    • Myrmica Latreille, 1804: 179. Type-species: Formica rubra, by subsequent designation of Latreille, 1810: 437; see also Yarrow, 1955b: 113.
    • Myrmica senior synonym of Dodecamyrmica: Francoeur, 1981: 759.
    • Myrmica senior synonym of Paramyrmica, Sifolinia (and its junior synonym Symbiomyrma), Sommimyrma: Bolton, 1988a: 3; Bolton, 2003: 221.
    • Myrmica senior synonym of †Nothomyrmica: Radchenko, Dlussky & Elmes, 2007: 1495.
  • DODECAMYRMICA [junior synonym of Myrmica]
    • Dodecamyrmica Arnol'di, 1968: 1803 [as subgenus of Myrmica]. Type-species: Myrmica arnoldii, by original designation.
    • Dodecamyrmica junior synonym of Myrmica: Francoeur, 1981: 759.
  • NOTHOMYRMICA [junior synonym of Myrmica]
    • Nothomyrmica Wheeler, W.M. 1915h: 60. Type-species: †Macromischa rudis, by original designation.
    • [†Nothomyrmica Wheeler, W.M. 1908g: 413, and Wheeler, W.M. 1910g: 167, nomina nuda.]
    • Nothomyrmica junior synonym of Myrmica: Radchenko, Dlussky & Elmes, 2007: 1495.
  • PARAMYRMICA [junior synonym of Myrmica]
    • Paramyrmica Cole, 1957a: 37. Type-species: Paramyrmica colax, by original designation.
    • Paramyrmica junior synonym of Myrmica: Bolton, 1988a: 3.
  • SIFOLINIA [junior synonym of Myrmica]
    • Sifolinia Emery, 1907: 49. Type-species: Sifolinia laurae, by monotypy.
    • Sifolinia senior synonym of Symbiomyrma: Samsinak, 1964: 156.
    • Sifolinia junior synonym of Myrmica: Bolton, 1988a: 3.
  • SOMMIMYRMA [junior synonym of Myrmica]
    • Sommimyrma Menozzi, 1925d: 25. Type-species: Sommimyrma symbiotica, by original designation.
    • Sommimyrma junior synonym of Myrmica: Bolton, 1988a: 3.
  • SYMBIOMYRMA [junior synonym of Myrmica]
    • Symbiomyrma Arnol'di, 1930c: 267. Type-species: Symbiomyrma karavajevi, by monotypy.
    • [Symbiomyrma also described as new by Arnol'di, 1933a: 41.]
    • Symbiomyrma junior synonym of Sifolinia: Samsinak, 1964: 156.
    • Symbiomyrma revived from synonymy: Seifert, 1994: 15; Seifert, 1996: 236.
    • Symbiomyrma junior synonym of Myrmica: Bolton, 1988a: 3; Bolton, 1995b: 47; Bolton, 2003: 222; Radchenko & Elmes, 2003: 219.


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