Key to Wasmannia Species

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The key to Wasmannia species based on workers by Longino and Fernández (2007[1]) has been modified by Cuezzo et al. (2015[2]) to include all the described species of Wasmannia (except Wasmannia villosa, which is only known from the queen).


  • Petiolar node strongly quadrate in lateral view; petiolar peduncle about as long as node; setae on mesosomal dorsum simple and erect, color red brown to orange => Wasmannia auropunctata
Wasmannia auropunctata casent0005064 head 1.jpg
Wasmannia auropunctata casent0005064 profile 1.jpg
  • Petiolar node never quadrate, more rounded; or clypeus strongly projecting and box-like and dorsal pilosity composed of a very short stubble; petiolar peduncle longer or shorter than node; color variable => 2


  • Petiolar peduncle longer than node in lateral view; mesosomal dorsum with long setae (length close to the length of the propodeal spine in lateral view) and gaster smooth and shiny, with abundant long (>1 mm), curved and whitish setae => Wasmannia longiseta
Wasmannia longiseta H.jpg
Wasmannia longiseta P.jpg
  • Petiolar peduncle equal to node or shorter in lateral view; mesosomal dorsum with shorter setae, gaster frequently weakly punctate with fewer, scattered setae => 3


  • Scape strongly flattened; clypeus strongly projecting and boxlike, sharply divided into equaldorsal and anterior faces that meet at a right angle; setae on mesosomal dorsum abundant, straight, filiform; very short propodeal spines, about same length as the setae on mesosomal => Wasmannia scrobifera
Wasmannia scrobifera usnment00411891 h 1 high.jpg
Wasmannia scrobifera usnment00411891 p 1 high.jpg
  • Scape not strongly flattened; clypeus not strongly box-like, rounded from posterior to anterior margins; setae on mesosomal dorsum longer and/or curved, clavate; propodeal spine length variable => 4


  • First gastral tergite lacking erect setae; petiolar peduncle longer than node; dorsal setae on mesosoma and face thin, flexuous; color yellow orange => Wasmannia iheringi
Wasmannia iheringi casent0909214 h 1 high.jpg
Wasmannia iheringi casent0909214 p 1 high.jpg
  • First gastral tergite with abundant erect setae; petiolar peduncle equal to node or shorter; dorsal setae stiff to slightly clavate; color various => 5


  • Antennal scrobe narrow, not extending to side of head, ventral margin defined by preocular carina that runs from dorsal margin of eye to margin of vertex; side of head posterior to eye rounded => 5
  • Antennal scrobe broad and flat, extending to side of head, ventral margin formed by angular side of head posterior to eye => 9


  • Face between frontal carinae with about 12 distinct longitudinal striae overlaying strong punctate sculpture; propodeal spiracle small, diameter less than width of base of propodeal spine (Argentina) => 7
  • Face between frontal carinae with fewer and more irregular longitudinal rugae, overlaying opaque but not as strongly puncate sculpture; propodeal spiracle large and conspicuous, diameter about equal to width of base of propodeal spine => 8


  • Head width less than 0.50 mm; longitudinal striae on face very regular to margin of vertex; color yellow red; posterior face of petiole rounded, anterior face slightly angulate => Wasmannia sulcaticeps
Wasmannia sulcaticeps casent0178175 head 1.jpg
Wasmannia sulcaticeps casent0178175 profile 1.jpg
  • Head width greater than 0.54 mm; striae on face somewhat less parallel, becoming irregular near margin of vertex; color uniformly dark maroon, abdomen black; anterior and posterior face of petiolar node similarly rounded => Wasmannia williamsoni
Wasmannia williamsoni casent0260383 h 1 high.jpg
Wasmannia williamsoni casent0260383 p 1 high.jpg


  • Dorsal setae on mesosoma and gaster straight to weakly curved, thin, not clavate; head relatively long, CI about 0.90; propodeal spines relatively long and upturned (Fig 1); eyes relatively larger (OI 0.26) => Wasmannia sigmoidea
Wasmannia sigmoidea casent0901665 h 1 high.jpg
Wasmannia sigmoidea casent0901665 p 1 high.jpg
  • Dorsal setae on mesosoma curved and clavate; head relatively short, CI 0.95-1.00; propodeal spines short and directed posteriorly; eyes shorter (OI 0.21-0.24) => Wasmannia rochai
Wasmannia rochai casent0179464 h 1 high.jpg
Wasmannia rochai casent0179464 p 1 high.jpg


  • Postpetiole in dorsal view subquadrate to slightly trapezoidal, with widest portion anterior to midlength; postpetiolar dorsum strongly punctate and opaque; propodeal spines relatively long and stout, in dorsal view about as long as distance between their tips => Wasmannia lutzi
Wasmannia lutzi casent0178174 head 1.jpg
Wasmannia lutzi casent0178174 profile 1.jpg
  • Postpetiole in dorsal view elliptical, widest portion at or posterior to mid length; postpetiolar dorsum weakly punctate, sublucid medially; propodeal spines shorter, in dorsal view shorter than distance between tips => Wasmannia affinis
Wasmannia affinis casent0912540 h 1 high.jpg
Wasmannia affinis casent0912540 p 1 high.jpg