Key to Neoponera apicalis species complex: Workers

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Key based on Wild (2005)[1]


  • Antennal scape relatively short (SL usually < 2.3 mm), shorter than head length; hypopygium densely pubescent in area adjacent to sting; apical antennomeres light brown to dark brown, never bright yellow ..... Neoponera obscuricornis
Pachycondyla obscuricornis casent0103058 profile 1.jpg
  • Antennal scape relatively long (SL > 2.3 mm), longer than head length; hypopygium with moderate to sparse pubescence on area adjacent to sting; apical antennomere color variable ......2


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  • Posterolateral edges of petiole marginate; petiolar node low (PH < 1.35 mm); head narrow in full-face view (HW < 1.9 mm); size relatively small (WL 3.4–4.1 mm); apical 3-6 antennomeres light to dark brown ..... Neoponera verenae
Pachycondyla verenae casent0103061 profile 1.jpg
  • Posterolateral edges of petiole usually not marginate; petiolar node higher (PH > 1.35 mm); head broad in full-face view (HW > 1.9 mm); size relatively large (WL 3.9–5.2 mm); apical 3-6 antennomeres usually bright yellow ..... Neoponera apicalis
Pachycondyla apicalis casent0103059 profile 1.jpg